Part 2: Sanctuary

Sanctuary - Republic Hammerhead Cruiser
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“He keeps fading in and out. Son can you hear me?”, a gruff voice enquired.

The world kept blurring around him and his head pounded. He wanted to talk, but it took all his strength just to try to focus his eyes.

“Kindly get out of my way gentlemen, the child needs re-hydrating”, a comfortingly mechanical voice interjected.

“Medical droid”, he slurred.

“Good to see cognitive functions being restored. Now lay still, I need to get your fluid levels up”, the droid instructed.

A small pinprick into his skin and the cool juices began flowing up his arms. Such relief. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to enjoy this brief moment of rest.

“You should be grateful, young thing,” the droid continued, “Only a small number from your Temple were rescued, and a few are holding the Bacta Tanks we have. Their healing will take many weeks”.

His mouth dry, Cor-Jhan tried to lick his lips to reply.

“Where am I?”

“You are aboard Republic Hammerhead Cruiser, the Sanctuary. You will also be pleased to know we are being escorted as far from Coruscant as possible until reconstruction droids can begin.”

“Where am I going?”

“I will let one of the few Jedi to have been airlifted from the flames to introduce himself to you. I merely solve medical problems”, the droid droned on

“Thank you for your help, can you help me sit straight?”

He held onto the droid’s arm, far stronger than his own, and pulled himself up, allowing his legs to dangle over the side of the bed. His head was still fuzzy, but at least he could see. At that moment he heard a familiar sounds of Lightsabers being ignited and a tall Twi’lek Warrior worked his way through the ship, chasing a training droid. Satisfied he deactivated the sabers, bowed to the droid and clipped both of his weapons to his belt.

Heavily armoured, except for his uncovered head and lekku, he struck an imposing figure over the other passengers. He looked around him and his eyes met Cor-Jhan’s. Bowing his head in acknowledgement he strode purposefully over to where the young Jedi was sat.

Zav-Yun Ghiran - master to Cor-Jhan Arcturus
Master Zav-Yun Ghiran

“Good to meet another survivor, young one. How are you?”, he asked kindly

“I’m sore, Sir. But with what happened today, I should be glad to be alive”.

Zav-Yun nodded gravely. He reached under his chest-plate and pulled out a Ligtsaber hilt carved with intricate green vines.

“They tried to take this off you, but I recognised it as one of our fallen Master’s. I assumed you had started training under him?”, the Warrior asked.

Cor-Jhan nodded blankly, the memory of his Master’s undignified end wrenching his gut.

“Here, this is yours.”, the Twi’lek held out the hilt, “and I’m Master Zav-Yun Ghiran. I’ll be looking after you for now”.

Zav-Yun placed a heavy but reassuring hand on Cor-Jhan’s shoulder.

“Where are we going?’, Cor-Jhan asked, clipping the saber back on his own belt.

“You’ll see soon enough. But, as this Cruiser says, you are going someplace safe, at least for now.”

Sanctuary, though Cor-Jhan.

“Exactly,” confirmed Zav-Yun, smiling. “you need to feel safe, before you can feel ready. Rest now.”

Cor-Jhan watched as the Warrior checked over a number of patients. Some civilians, some soldiers, many children. As he disappeared out of view, he stared at the Lightsaber hilt, tracing the patterns with his fingers.

Wherever this sanctuary is, I don’t think I’ll be safe again.

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