Chapter 1: Devoted to Destruction.

Devoted to Destruction: Cor-Jhan Arcturus

Part 1: The Escape

As Cor-Jhan stumbled out of the Temple, instead of the usual cool breeze of the Coruscant evening, the heat from multiple fires invaded his senses. Even the neon signage which usually lit up the city-planet’s skyline seemed darkened by the myriad Imperial ships crowding the night sky.

Pulling his robes even tighter around him, he held his arms around himself, trying to take in the terrible sight. Even over crackling flames, he could hear the cries of the wounded and dying, the distressed drones of droids malfunctioning and shutting down and from a few blocks away, stones falling from monuments which had stood for many years.

A tear fell slowly down his cheek, which he brushed away with a sooty hand. So much frantic activity around him, yet he could only watch, rooted to the spot.

What are you waiting for? Run!

Cor-Jhan shook his head, not knowing where the voice came from, yet feeling an urgency, that compulsion that it should be obeyed. He knelt down and tightened his boots, his small body trembling from the great fear of The Unknown.

“Deep breaths, deep breaths” – he recanted the advice of his former Master, “you can do this”.

And he ran, keeping close to the many towering skyscrapers and past the colossal monuments to Jedi peace and serenity, faces scarred by the enemy onslaught. Sprinting without thinking, he weaved through crowds of creatures from so many systems, narrowly missed a speeder careering to the street after being caught in the cross-fire.

Knowing he must be near one of the minor space ports, he carried on running, swept along with a need to escape, to be free. As he turned a corner, he found himself approaching a gathering of people screaming, crying, grabbing, surging towards their only ticket out of there.

Only then did he slow down to walking pace, feeling the safety in numbers. Travel passes were being ignored, citizenship not questioned. Anyone alive and not shooting or slashing was permitted to board. He allowed himself to be pushed along, keeping his face to the ground. Tiredness like the weight of a Bantha hit his young shoulders and dizziness overcame him. He fell to the ground, managing to prop himself against the side of the transport.

As unconsciousness greeted him like a long-lost friend, the voices of those around him seemed to ring with one phrase:

“Coruscant, it’s been devoted to destruction by the dark side.”, said one bemused traveler.

“What did we do, we thought the Sith Empire had been destroyed, now this. Totally devoted to destruction.”, said another.

The voices melted into one cacophony until he could take no more and Cor-Jhan fell into an uneasy sleep.

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