SWTOR Andronikos Revel Reunion – In Her Own Words

SWTOR Andronikos Revel Reunion - In her Own Words (FanFiction)This episode of FanFiction follows on from Lost and Found and was a prelude to the Andronikos Revel reunion in SWTOR. Now that the Pirate has been written back into the Sith Inquisitor’s life, here is the reunion from Talitha’koum’s perspective.

As the Fury class Starfighter pulled out of Light-speed, the Twi’lek ran excitedly to the bridge to see what ship Andronikos was now piloting. What she saw made her frown in confusion.

“Uh, T7, is this the ship Andronikos signalled from?”, she called through to the Astromech, who was still by the holo-terminal.

A few whistles and bleeps later, T7-01 trundled through to join the Twi’lek.

“Signal = Not From That Ship. Signal = From Shuttle In That Ship”, he confirmed.

Of all the ships in the Galaxy, one of the Eternal Empire Fleet ships was not what she was expecting.

“So, he was trying to capture the ship, or was captured by the ship?”, she thought out loud, “don’t worry I’m not expecting you to understand his mind. It took me a good few years,” she added with a smile.
“T7? Can you pilot us into the hangar? The ships should recognise me as friendly.”

The Astromech whistled in acknowledgement and plugged himself into the console.

A few minutes later, the Starfighter put down gently into one of the spare hangars. Waiting for her was an XS Freghter, which Talitha’koum recognised to be Hylo Visz’s customised ship.

This gets weirder and weirder, she thought.

“Come on T7, scan for life forms and deactivate any security measures on the way, please”, she requested.

As they walked through the ship, the Twi’lek remembered her first terrifying visit to an Eternal Fleet ship. Laser traps, legions of Skytroopers and a power-hungry GEMINI Captain. Not much had changed in her year of leading the Eternal Alliance. Except using what technicians she had to at least temper that power-hunger. She lamented the loss of SCORPIO’s free will programming. And with the fight over Iokath, attempting to interface with SCORPIO was proving nigh-on impossible.

Lost in her thoughts, she almost missed T7-01 suddenly turning and heading to the cells. Rubbing her eyes and running her hands down her Lekku, Talitha tried to shake herself from her musings.

“Get your filthy mitts off me, I’m not in the talking mood!”, a gruff voice was heard growling nearby.

Talitha placed her hand on T7 to ask him to stop, then stifled a giggle.

“Sith = Scary Alliance Commander?”, T7 bleeped softly.

She knelt down and addressed the droid.

“Oh yes, oh so scary! Just wait here will you, you funny droid!”

T7 spun around and the Twi’lek took a breath and strode into the cell.

“Trying to steal my ships and harassing my allies? That’s the Andronikos Revel I’ve missed!”, she smiled wryly.

The pirate swung around, a look of total shock on his face.

“You’re the…I mean…”, he tried in vain to get a thought out.

Talitha walked slowly up to him and pressed her forefinger over his mouth.

“Just, shhhh.” she smiled.

Hylo was clearly not impressed with the sudden display of familiarity by the Alliance Commander.

“He was trying to hijack this ship, Commander. He has done the same to other vessels, albeit very temporarily. We should take him back…”
“It’s okay Hylo, I’ll take it from here.”, she assured, looking back at her over her right shoulder.
“Are you sure? I mean he could just…”, Hylo started to protest
“Yes, I am aware of the… skills… of this particular pirate. He’ll stop harrassing us now. So long as you stop harrassing him. And thank you.”

Hylo knew how to take a hint, however reluctantly, so she turned on her heels and stomped out, muttering words best heard out of earshot. Once satisfied the Smuggler couldn’t see them, Talitha removed her finger from closing Andronikos’ mouth and kissed him for the first time in many years. After a long-overdue embrace, she took his hand and led him to a disused side room. T7 left to speak to the GEMINI Captain, who had, of course, witnessed the whole scenario.

“Last I heard the Eternal Empire was led by some psycho Empress. If I’d known that psycho was you, I’d’ve brought flowers”, Andronikos grinned
“C’mon Andronikos, you know me better than to bring me flowers,” Talitha said playfully.

Lifting her arm over her head, she drew her sword from behind her back and laid it on the table between them.

“Heh. You kept it. Guess I needn’t have worried.”
“Of course I kept it. Apart from my final fights against Vaylin – the real Psycho Empress – I’ve only battled with this sword. I had to keep part of you with me.”, the Twi’lek explained.
“And all I’ve had are memories and the odd holo-recording I had of you, girl”, Andronikos sighed, “I thought you’d’ve given up on me by now”
“Didn’t you see my Galaxy-wide transmission after Vaylin fell?”, the Twi’lek asked tentatively
“Yeah, and the one about Theron Shan. But I was on some junk heap whose systems only allowed incoming transmissions. And, you know, the Eternal Empire’s kinda big. Thought you might have, you know, found someone with half the Galaxy at your fingertips.”, the pirate confessed
“A few blokes expressed an interest, or tried whole horrific flirting thing that you never did. But none of them were you. Other men never interested me. Plus I was either running from the Eternal Empire, or leading an Alliance I never wanted. My choices have been made for me, for the most part. But that decision, about holding on to the hope of finding you, that was mine to make. Hope has been in…short supply,” Talitha struggled to hold herself together. “What about you and other…”
“Girls? Are you kidding me? I heard you’d been hauled off by the Eternal Empire six, seven years ago maybe. I lost track. No one steals my girl and lives.”, Andronikos stated defiantly

Talitha managed to smile.

“I guess you left quite a trail?”
“Of dead people? Yeah, and dead ships. I told myself each one was one small step closer to finding you. I’ve been trying to hijack these blasted Eternal Empire ships for a couple of years now. Those dumb droids you call Captains turned out to be not so dumb after all. Got myself in hot water a few times.” he admitted.
“But you weren’t tempted to..?” the Twi’lek asked without asking
“Tempted? Yeah. Did I do anything about it. No. I told you we’re in each others orbits until the stars go cold. Guys and girls both told me to stop hoping. But I never gave up on you.”

He reached over the table and took her hand and grasped it firmly. Talitha allowed a tear to form and trickle down her pale yellow cheek.

“So what happens now, Boss?”, Andronikos teased, wiping the tear away, “We got an Empire to lead or some other respectabe garbage?”
“Not for much longer,” Talitha replied, taking a deep breath, “It’s time I took control of my own life again. Our life,” she corrected her self. “Come on let’s get back to my ship and we can talk about it.”

They stood and wrapped an arm around each other and started heading for her hangar.

“Didn’t you want the ship you brought?”, the Twi’lek asked
“Nah, it’s bucket of bolts. And it’s not mine. Get your people to make something useful out of it”, the pirate replied, smirking.
“What, like, blaster barrels or something?” Talitha replied laughing
“More use than a Starfighter anyway! The droid, though, we can use that. It’s not mine either. Well it is now.”

At that moment T7 returned, accompanied by C6-Y7.

“T7 = Made New Friend!” the Astromech bleeped excitedly
“Good to see! And now you can make another one – this is my husband, Andronikos” Talitha grinned, her heart leaping again at uttering husband
“T7 = Happy To Meet Any Friend of the Twi’lek’s!”

As they approached the hangar, the GEMINI Captain patched through the system

“Commander, confirmation that I can reinstate the security systems you disabled?”

The Twi’lek laughed.

“So long as we’re out the hangar when you do then yes!”
“Confirmation accepted.”

Andronikos shook his head.

“Droids,” he growled.

SWTOR’s Version of the Andronikos Revel Reunion

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