Lost and Found – Andronikos Revel and Talitha’koum FanFiction

Lost and Found: Talitha'koum and Andronikos Revel FanFiction - SWTORNote: this piece of SWTOR FanFiction is ‘out of sync’ with others on this site. This is written after the events of A Traitor Among the Chiss. I wanted to publish Talitha’s thoughts, state of mind and plans before Patch 5.7 when Andronikos Revel returns.

She had no idea how long she had been drifting in Wild Space. Days? Weeks? With only T7-01 and her Krakjya for company aboard her Imperial Fury-Class Starship, the Twi’lek had been watching stars slowly pass. It was something he had encouraged her to do all those years ago. To get away from it all – escape from all of the voices constantly clamouring for her approval, her instructions, her “leadership”.

Andronikos had once told her that it was good to just turn the engines to minimal settings and for a moment to be free, was something she would enjoy.

Freedom. It was something the Sith Code preached, but rarely delivered. Maybe the Sixth Line Jedi philosophy she had encountered on Ziost was closer to the truth right now. There is no contemplation, there is only duty.

Talitha sighed, not for the first time that day. Power, influence, fame – she had desired none of these things. But they had found her – and Andronikos Revel had not.

“Not yet,” she said aloud – an audible reminder of a promise she had made for herself.

The leaders of the Eternal Alliance didn’t know that for weeks she had been paving the way for her exit. Bey’Wan had been given more control over Military Strategy, ensuring that key decisions could be taken without her input. Hylo Visz had a steady flow of funds from Zakuul to power underworld operations and, importantly, pay the anonymous contractors. The Force Enclave? Well, it worked and the Science Lab never required her knowledge really. But those two departments had had their systems and structures revised for greater autonomy – and cooperation between all departments had been encouraged.

Her Krakjya padded into the Bridge and nuzzled her hand, which hung over the arm of the Co-Pilot’s chair she sat in, before laying down next to her. The Pilot’s Chair had remained empty for years. It didn’t belong to her, but to him.

The Twi’lek no longer cared what Theron Shan was doing. She still believed he was trying to act in her defence and for her good.

“No, for the good of the Eternal Alliance,” she corrected herself.

A tear formed in her right eye, as hopelessness and loneliness descended like a heavy, dark fog on her heart.

It was in this moment of despair that T7-01 rolled in, chirping wildly. Sniffing and wiping away the tear with her coarse, brown sleeve she sat up and turned to the droid.

“What is it T7? Do we need to head back because of fuel?”, she asked

“Talitha = Incorrect. Fuel = Fine. Talitha + T7 = Go to Holoterminal”, he bleeped

Feeling every muscle ache with an unnatural tiredness she hauled herself to her feet and shuffled with the droid into the central hub of the ship.

Something was flashing up, then disappearing from the Holoterminal’s projector. A figure stood, then bent over, then nothing, reappearing with arms waving wildly.

“Can you stabilise this T7? It could be a distress call”, she asked

“T7 = tried four times already. Talitha + T7 = Try Again?”, T7 spun and whirred.

“Of course,” Talitha responded simply.

The Astromech interfaced with the Holoterminal for the fifth time, its connector rotating this way, then that. Slowly sound started to appear through the interference.

“Dammit Seesix….can’t you just…fix this…thing?”, the gravelly voice demanded aggressively.

Talitha’s heart seemed to stop for a moment.

“Do we have ability to transmit back?”, the Twi’lek asked T7

“Our Ship = Transmitting Perfectly. Interference = Their Mechanical Issue”

Talitha turned back to the Holoprojector.

“Hello, this is Imperial Fury Class Starship receiving your signal. Can you confirm who you are?” she didn’t want to believe it, but also wished that it was true.

Another figure, droid-like in appearance, appeared behind the first person, seemed to bend down and perform some task or other.


The shortening of her name was caused by mechanical failure, but no-one had called her “Tal” in such a long time. The tone of voice was just too perfect to be anyone else. The projected picture finally stopped fuzzing in and out.

“Andronikos!”, the Twi’lek cried out.

For a long time the two stared at each other. Andronikos appeared to settle back against a wall, or room divider of sorts.

“Tal, it is you. It’s been…dammit, too long. Never thought I’d see my girl again.”

Tears were now streaming down the Twi’lek’s face.

“Where are you, Andronikos? I … need you.”

T7-01 bleeped a few high-pitched notes

“C6-Y7 = Sent Co-ordinates. Talitha = Go There Now?”

Talitha hesitated, not wanting this image to fade.

“Don’t move a parsec, Andronikos. We’re on our way.”

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