The Sickness Conundrum

The Sickness Conundrum - a SWTOR FanFiction Episode by Fibro Jedi

Comm terminals beeped quietly but persistently, the occasional astromech whirred through doing their daily tasks and the allies of the Alliance held their usual conversations and exchanged intelligence and ideas. As she followed directions to the meeting room, Mar’yssi could not help but feel this was more a calm before a storm, rather than business […]

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Personal Conquest in SWTOR: Get Rewarded Simply by Playing the Game!

SWTOR Personal Conquests - What are they and how do I complete one?

The last few SWTOR patches (at the time of writing) brought updates to the Conquests System in the game. Importantly, Personal Conquests had a huge overhaul, making them accessible to all players. Yes, even players just starting out on Tython, Korriban or Hutta. But if you’re new to Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may […]

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