The Heart of the Order – SWTOR FanFiction – Talitha’koum

The Heart of the Order - Talitha'koum - SWTOR FanFiction

Smirking with obvious satisfaction at her Apprentice’s reaction, Restita led Talitha into the shuttle where they found some uncomfortable, metal seats and strapped themselves in. A few other passengers joined them; a couple of alien species she didn’t recognise, but presumed them to be apprentices by the training blades they carried; a human merchant, who […]

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SWTOR Jedi Under Siege – How I Chose Who to Support

SWTOR Jedi Under Siege on Ossus - Who to Support, Empire or Republic?

SWTOR’s Jedi Under Siege started a brand-new storyline, one which re-ignites the war between The Empire and the Galactic Republic. Although it has been some time since Ossus was released to players, I wanted time to think through the choices you are provided. And I also wanted to test the new dailies too see the […]

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