Sage in the Dark – Black and Red Jedi Consular SWTOR Outfit

Sage in the Dark - Female Chiss Jedi Consular Outfit for SWTOR

Not all Jedi are do-gooders, at least by the Jedi Code description anyway. This is the case with my Chiss Jedi Sage, core name Khalida, which incidentally means “eternal“. She’s aggressive, a little arrogant and loves to hit foes hard in the face with rocks. Who wouldn’t? And yes, she falls to the Dark Side […]

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SWTOR Imperial and Republic Fleet Maps – a Guide for Beginners (and the Forgetful)

SWTOR Beginners Guide to Imperial and Republic Fleet, Services and Vendors. Includes Maps! Updated for Patch 6.0.

Note: This should now be up-to-date with 6.0 changes. Please do let me know if I’ve missed something. When your character leaves their starter planets, the first place you come to is the Imperial or Republic Fleet. You may be tempted to run straight for the shuttle to Coruscant or Dromund Kaas, but if you’re […]

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