An Introvert in a Digital Extrovert’s Clothing

Have I Been an Introvert in a Digital Extrovert's Clothing?

Chronic moaners aside, we live in an extrovert’s and optimist’s world. Posts saying “look at this amazing thing” are more attractive than “I did a thing, look if you want”. Charismatic, outspoken leaders gain more attention than calmer, pragmatic ones. Going out with lots of friends, or being encouraged to talk about problems in groups, […]

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Gaming Addiction in the News: Gamers and Journalists BOTH Need to Take Responsibility

Gaming Addiction in the News - Gamers and Journalists must both take responsibility

I don’t very often comment on gaming in the news, except for the occasional tweet or post on my Facebook page. But I have to absolutely respond to an article from today in the BBC’s gaming/technology section. With the rise of awareness of “gaming addiction” – and therefore reporting on it, such news is becoming […]

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