LOTRO Gearing for Beginners – How to Prepare for Battle!

LOTRO Gearing Beginners Guide - How to Improve Your Combat Stats in LOTRO

How your characters in The Lord of the Rings Online performs in combat is determined by what gear you are wearing as well as your combat abilities. How well you equip yourself directly affects the damage you deal, the healing you give and the amount of damage you can avoid taking. There are various different […]

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LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Guide – Events, Hedge-Maze, Mounts and Cosmetics!

LOTRO Spring Festival 2020 Event Guide

While here in Scotland we can still get snow and hail storms when the temperatures should be increasing, the LOTRO Spring Festival aims to welcome in brighter and warmer days in Middle Earth! As various regions have their own events and Spring customs, this festival sees you travelling around. So you can enjoy the journey […]

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