How to Make Gaming Emote Animated GIFs for Free

How to Make Gaming Animated GIFs for Free

Gaming, especially MMOs, is not simply a beginning to end playthrough. The mere act of playing online gives you the chance to interact with other players and with NPCs in the world your character lives. One way to do this is through emotes. Emotes are actions designed to express and emotion, feeling or opinion. Many […]

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24 Positive Life Lessons from Gaming in MMOs

Positive Life Lessons in Games - a Gamer's Perspective

It comes in waves, but gaming rarely gets positive media attention. Whether it’s the latest in the lootbox saga or games being blamed for allegedly altering human behaviour, the perception being published is that gaming is mostly negative. In reality, gaming – both as a passtime or as a career – is a life choice […]

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Jedi’s Journal – Edition 2 – August 2019

Jedi's Journal Edition 2 - August 2019 - New and Updated Blog Posts Overview

Welcome to my second edition of The Jedi’s Journal, my monthly round-up of new and updated blog posts this month. August 2019 was pretty busy and I somehow managed to do a lot, while simultaneously really struggling with Fibromyalgia. At least this month I didn’t feel like I was doing “nothing”! I’ve also added a […]

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