LOTRO Yule Festival 2018 – Celebrate Yule-Tide in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Yule Festival 2017 Guide

It’s Yule Tide! Time to honour the past and look forward to the future in Middle Earth! So it is time for the LOTRO Yule Festival! Packed with quests from helping the poor (or not), eating competitions and more, it’s time for all species and level players to converge on Winter-Home in Frost-Bluff for some […]

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LOTRO Farmers Faire 2018 Guide – Enjoy Food and Fishing at Bywater!

LOTRO Farmers Faire 2018 Event Guide to Quests, Cosmetics, Mounts & Other Rewards

One of the things I love about playing The Lord of the Rings Online is taking part in the events they put on. The event that sits between the Summer Festival and Fall Festival is the LOTRO Farmers Faire, with many of the quests rightly revolving around food! Whether its keeping the market well-stocked, fishing […]

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LOTRO Summer Festival 2018 – Come Enjoy the Sun in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2018

Enjoy the sunshine and sweltering heat in Middle Earth during the LOTRO Summer Festival! A festival of food, kite-flying, fishing and…retrieving things for people who seem to be very careless during the hazy days of Summer! If you’re new to the summer festival or to LOTRO in general, here’s tons of info on the event, […]

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