The Fibromyalgia Used-To-Do Guy, Part 1

FibroJedi - the Fibromyalgia Used-to-Do Guy, Part 1

Post Sections Hide Show It’s Never Just Fibromyalgia What I Used to Do → Playing the Clarinet → Playing Piano/Keyboard → Driving → Socialising → Normal Work and Running a Business → Gaming Streaming → SWTOR Influencer/Content Creator → #LOTROfamily Management & My Facebook Page Remnant Feelings Trying to Find Positives TL;DR The Used-To-Do Guy […]

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Drawing Despite Chronic Pain – My Colourful Journey

Drawing in Chronic Pain - My Colourful Journey

Post Sections Hide Show Starting Off Slowly → Reignited Enjoyment Early, Rough Gaming Characters Early Animals → Painful, but Necessary A SWTOR Gift for a Friend Character Caricatures Categorically Characterised → True & the Rainbow Kingdom → My LOTRO Characters So Long, and Thanks for all the Frozen What’s Next, Then? TL;DR Drawing Despite Chronic […]

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Symptoms of Fibromyalgia – My 14 Effects of Living with Chronic Illness

List of my top 14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Post Sections Hide Show What Is Fibromyalgia? How Is Fibromyalgia Diagnosed? What are My Top 14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia? → 1. Pain & Muscle Tension in my Neck, Shoulders & Back → 2. Hand Pain → 3. Face Pain → 4. Over-Sensitivity to Certain Touch → 5. Less Muscle Strength → 6. Reduced Immunity → […]

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Wrist and Hand Pain in Fibromyalgia – 8 Tips to Help You

Wrist and hand pain with Fibromyalgia - 8 Tips to Help You

Post Sections Hide Show What Does Hand Pain Feel Like? How Fibromyalgia Hand Pain Affects Me How Can You Reduce Hand Pain from Fibromyalgia? → Hand Pain Tip 1: Hot Water → Hand Pain Tip 2: Ibuprofen Gel and/or Deep Heat Cream → Hand Pain Tip 3: Rest and Consider Dictation → Hand Pain Tip […]

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The Effects of Stress on Fibromyalgia

The Effect of Stress on Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Stress, or more broadly speaking, anxiety can be brought about in various ways. Common stress factors for most ‘normal’ people include work, weddings, deaths, family tensions, finances and deadlines. But how I react with Fibromyalgia may appear similar on the outside to people who don’t have my condition, internally it causes a lot of havoc. […]

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