What Should You Do Before Starting KotFE?

What Should You Do Before Starting KotFE?My aim with my blog is not to write about everything – whether that’s about Fibromyalgia or SWTOR, but to occasionallly write posts that answer people’s questions.

It’s interesting looking through my website statistics to find what people were searching for when they found this site. And one question which keeps cropping up is: What should I do before starting KotFE (Knights of the Fallen Empire).

So, this is my opinion on the matter – from lessons learned myself on what ‘loose ends’ you should tie up before launching into Fallen Empire.

If you have any extra ideas – let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to add them!

Priority 1: Companion Affection (Rank 10)

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I wanted to get into KotFE was to not get my companions to L10 Affection/Influence. So whether you do it through further missions – gaining affection through conversation – or by companion gifts, ensure that any companions you will want to get in the future you have hit Level 10 Influence with.

Why? Because you have to work your backside off to get them back otherwise! Here are a couple of examples.

Qyzen Fess (Consular Companion)
If you don’t have Qyzen Fess at Level 10 – you will have to the mission Stalking the Score, which involves killing prey for Jagganath points. I grouped with guild mates to take down a few World Bosses to achieve this. I didn’t mind so much, but he was L8, so I would have saved myself some time and energy by just getting his rank to L10 beforehand.

Note: it was pointed out to me that Consulars can choose to skip the Jagganath hunt. This may be only if you have a certain level influence already. I got the workaround/skip when I had Influence 9 or 10, but one of my Consulars didn’t have that option.

Doctor Lokin (Imperial Agent Companion)
For heaven’s sake, get Doctor Lokin to Affection Level 10 before you start KotFE! Otherwise you have to do the Rakghoul Event, or go scavenging across the galaxy (if you have the right crew skills) or spend a fortune on GTN for the remedies he needs, when you run into him on Alderaan. Obviously this only applies to Imperial Agents, the rest of us have to earn him the hard way (which is why I haven’t managed this yet!).

So make this the priority. You can buy companion gifts on Fleet using both credits and common data crystals. GTN has a wide range of them available as well. It’ll save you a headache later.

Priority 2: Ensure You’re Level 60

With KotFE the level cap was raised from 60-65, so I highly recommend being at least Level 60 before you start KotFE. The storyline is kinda geared towards that level – and the gear drops in the opening chapters are L60+ items. Being Level 60 should not be difficult with Level Sync in play – my Republic Trooper was L60 by the time he finished Corellia and his storyline! But it means I can choose to skip Shadow of Revan if I want.

Priority 3: Gear Up

Just because you’re level 60 doesn’t mean you’re geared to L60! If memory serves me well, you can get Purple 186 Rating Item Modifications (through crafting or GTN) and you can get Green 190 Rating Item Modifications from Fleet or planetary vendors. You may have to invest some credits or crafting materials to upgrade: relics, implants and earpieces. But credits just sat in your account are not furthering your game are they?

Priority 4: Mail Some Companion Gifts (idea not mine)

If I didn’t have such a dreadful memory I would credit the person who came up with this idea: mail some companion gifts across to the character that’s about to start KotFE. Then once you start you can get affection up with core companions: Lana, Koth, T7, SCORPIO and Senya. (I have left HK-55 off the list as you lose him in Chapter VIII – Taking Flight – though HK-55 is returning soon).

The reason you want to do this is that since the KotFE Companion Changes, combat and healing is linked to Affection, so if you can quickly increase your influence with all the core players, when you’re forced to fight with any one of them, they will do their jobs better.

The last thing you could do…

Because I develop software for a living, I know about bugs. For that reason, if you’re particularly attached to the gear you have on your companions, I would seriously consider stripping them of it and placing it in storage, along with any companion appearance customisations as well. Call me mistrusting, but I’ve learned to be risk-averse!

TL;DR What Should You Do Before Starting KotFE?

  • Get companion affections >= Level 10
  • Make sure you (and your gear) are level 60
  • Mail Some companion gifts to yourself from another character
  • Consider placing your companion’s gear and appearance customisations in storage

Have I missed any pearls of wisdom? Add them in the comments and I’ll update the post!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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