Thorough Assessment Achievement in Arma Rasa with HK-55

Thorough Assessment Achievement: HK-55 during Arma RasaIf you were a subscriber for the right length of time you are eligible to recruit the rebuilt HK-55 with the Alliance Alert Arma Rasa from Doctor Oggurobb. This easy and relaxing mission sees you reconfigure HK-55’s settings to determine the kinds of targets you are happy for him to eliminate, or to save. While you really don’t need a walk-through of this mission, there is a Legacy Achievement to be gained – A Thorough Assessment. There are no extra credits, XP or other rewards, but it does make this mission a little bit more fun. Playing this short Alliance Alert also means you can once again have HK-55 as an active Companion for KotFE.

What is A Thorough Assessment?

To gain the Thorough Assessment Achievement you need to find “8 or more optional targets” during the HK-55 Configuration Exercise. And they are not obvious either. Most of the optional targets are not in the practice range itself, but in the lab.

How to Spot Optional Targets

Look around the practice range and lab. If you hover your cursor over items you’ll get either a description in a tooltip, or a temporary description tab in the bottom right of your UI. When you have destroyed one of a group of optional targets, these items are no longer selectable.

What Are the Optional Targets?

On my last run I only found 8 but that’s all that’s needed for the achievement. These are:

  1. Artistic Decor: There are a number of Artworks around the lab, and as far as I can see you can select any of them.
  2. Chemical Barrel
  3. Yourself: yes you are a valid target, but you cannot command HK-55 to shoot you!
  4. HK-55: no, it is not appropriate to ask HK-55 to shoot himself!
  5. Munitions: if you tell him not to shoot up a box of munitions he tells you “that is no fun at all”!
  6. Barrel of Explosives
  7. Lab Equipment: which “can be very expensive to replace” if you command him not to destroy it!
  8. Speeder: the only target on the actual practice range as far as I can tell.

Finding the Targets – Screenshots

To help you find these optional targets, I’ve provided screenshots below. As it’s a Legacy Achievement with no other results, you don’t need to gain A Thorough Assessment any more than once per legacy. But it can be fun to do so anyway!

TL;DR A Through Assessment Achievement

Arma Rasa with HK-55 offers a fun little extension in blowing up Doctor Oggorubb’s “fantastic new laboratory” if you want to! If I’ve missed any other optional targets when going after A Thorough Assessment pop them in the comments and I’ll update this post!

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