SWTOR: Obtaining the HK-51 Droid

Obtaining the HK-51 Droid in SWTORThis is not a guide on how to obtain the HK-51 Droid in SWTOR. For that you can use the excellent Dulfy Guide. This is more my thoughts on the whole process, now I have finally completed it for the first time.

Flashpoint Missions

Since KotFE Level Sync was introduced, you can complete the required flashpoints in Solo Mode. I had thought you had to do the Hard Mode missions and group up, to get the HK-51 Components. I did group up for The False Emperor Flashpoint, but chose to take my time today doing Maelstrom Prison. I thought you were forced to do these in groups and Hard Mode, but some folks on Twitter told me that you can Solo them now and still get the HK Part.

Since Knights of the Fallen Empire, you get the GSI Support Droid for Story Mode.

Some Parts Have to be ‘Opened’ First

Complete Hat Tip to @Kayeri for this one. I managed to pick up the HK-51 Head from Coruscant (Jedi Temple Ruins) and HK-51 Arm from Dromund Kaas (Dark Temple Approach).

Random Meeting with Revan during the HK-51 Missions in SWTORThis totally confused me because the item list in [Heroic 2+] Assertion: Repairs Required did not shrink upon obtaining them. It turns out that, kind of like roll boxes, you have to right-click to open them. They then reveal the extra mission items you need in order to proceed!

They are rollboxes to enable you to mail them to the character you ultimately want to have HK-51 as a companion.

Enter Revan … randomly

Given that I had finished Shadow of Revan I had no warning that he made an appearance anywhere else. The HK-51 Mission is an L50 and if I had done it when I was around that level, I would have learned:

  • The Emperor was using Revan to give him visions and insight into the Light Side of the Force (interesting!)
  • Revan was still alive, or maybe more accurately, was alive again.
  • That he had heard he should command ships in order to ‘finish what he has started’.

It’s only a short conversation during Maelstrom Prison, but it still manages to give you hint into the back story of Shadow of Revan.

HK-51 : Quicker With Teamwork

In the spirit of multiplayer that BioWare want to exist more frequently in SWTOR, you will need teamwork. As mentioned you’ll need to team up, because two items are behind flashpoints. As for using the Excavator to find the components, you can do this alone, but as I found in Dromund Kaas, the possible geographical area of search can be huge. So in the screenshot you can see, I was able to pair up with another Sith to find this, which makes it quicker.
Obtaining the HK-51 Parts Often Requires Teamwork

HK-51’s Skillset

I have now geared my HK-51 Unit, but since writing this post, all skills have been removed from companions. So now you don’t ‘gear’ droids, but there are some available companion customisations. Occasionally HK-51 customisations drop from the Shadow of Revan Prelude missions. They are bound so you may have to bung those in your cargohold until you actually earn HK-51.

TL;DR – SWTOR’s HK-51 Droid

Assertion: Repairs Required is actually pretty fun to play. On days when I have high pain, I did my excavations. The piece on Taris took me ages and that can get frustrating. So do team up, it should make it more enjoyable as well as quicker. And the end result is another playable companion who also seems to have a dialogue story to follow, so I intend to enjoy the ride!

Any HK Tips from any players out there? Post them in the comments to help others out!

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9 thoughts on “SWTOR: Obtaining the HK-51 Droid

    1. I think I missed that in the announcements? Why, given he is an Assassination Droid, would they remove the Assassinate skill? They could just port the Sith Assassin’s equivalent skill, no?

        1. No worries, yes, it was thought beforehand that the Assassinate skills would be, well, Assassinated. Shame, but I guess the DPS was too unbalanced for game play.

  1. If you hadn’t done Maelstrom Prison before, then I’ll assume you haven’t done Foundry yet, either. Foundry is the Imperial version of Maelstrom Prison, and shows what happens to Revan after the Republic breaks him free from the Emperor. πŸ˜€

  2. I had trouble figuring out you had to open some of the pieces too. I got really confused then, and I’m pretty sure I did both the flashpoints solo yet still got both pieces for HK-51.

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