Mandalore’s Revenge – KotfE Chapter 14: An Alliance of Mistrust

SWTOR: Mandalore's Revenge - KotFE Chapter 14As we hurtle towards the end of the first season of Fallen Empire, Chapter 14 Mandalore’s Revenge sees you partner up with Shae Vizla, Mandalore the Avenger and various clans of Mandalorians. The aim? To steal what you think is a ‘template’ of GEMINI units which command ships in Arcann’s Eternal Fleet. With that template, SCORPIO claims to be able to create a reverse signal to try to take control of the fleet. But first things first.

Btw, this isn’t a walk-through post, though I hope to give a few tips throughout the post. This chapter is an obvious step-by-step one with no real puzzles. But I want to discuss some of the underlying issues I think I’m getting from this chapter.

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New Planet: Darvannis

KotFE Chapter 14 Mandalore’s Revenge takes place in an open-world area on the new planet of Darvannis, a desert world, fighting droid-after-droid to be able to get access to the innermost parts of the factories where the ‘template unit’ – GEMINI Prime is held. Note, although open-world, all your actual chapter targets are behind phases so you don’t have to fight other players so much!

Darvannis, Senya tells us, was one of the first worlds conquererd by the Eternal Empire. They used it as a staging-point to invade the wider galaxy. She goes on to say that it has “fully automated defences”. Because of this a small strike force would not be enough, which is why you need an army. Or at least something close to it!

Bonus Missions and Tips

This chapter does come with (I think) four different bonus missions – and I would strongly advise you do them all, especially if you need credits. Pulling in about 18k of credits a piece, you can make this chapter pretty lucrative.

Skytroopers Directional Head Lights
Skytroopers Directional Head Lights
  • Get Your Mando Equipment: in the main camp you can pick up anti-walker ordnance, grenades and Mandolorion Communications Equipment. As the first bonus mission is to take down 3 walkers, you can make quick work of them with the anti-walker ordnance. The Communications Equipment allows you to summon a Mandalorion Warrior to fight alongside you and your companion (Torian Cadera, see below). While you can’t use the ordnance against other enemies, if you stock up the grenades, you can use these against the gold-rated droids in your phases – and the boss fight, for that matter. Gain every advantage, this is war!
  • Eternal Empire Walkers: you need 3 for the bonus mission, but they re-spawn very quickly. You may find it more advantageous to find a spot on the map and just wait for re-spawn. Be nice and pick a spot where another player is not obviously waiting. Please don’t undermine the community just for a quick win.
  • Got Stealth/Cloaking Tech? if you want to ‘speed run’ this, you can use stealth to get around most enemies in the open-world areas. Just be warned that, as it’s nighttime, the Skytroopers and the Anti-Personnel Sentry droids we’ve seen in previous chapters (e.g. Profit and Plunder) have ‘directional torches’. From what I’ve seen you can sneak around these droids if you go behind them. You have a good chance of being detected if you go in their headlights!
  • You don’t have to kill a lot of open-world droids: one of the bonus misions requires you to defeat 30 Droids (I think that’s the number), but the ones you defeat in the phases count towards that number – and there are a LOT in those phases.
  • Re-Summon Your Mandalorion: unless you’re a good healer, your Mandalorion will be defeated. You can resummon another one even during combat, and even in stealth mode.

Harvesting Nodes

As with the Endless Swamp and Breaktown on Zakuul, Darvannis is filled with harvesting nodes. I’ve spotted Scavanging, Archeology and Bio-Analysis nodes all around this planet (I haven’t done this chapter with a slicer yet so there may be slicing devices too). Please be considerate of other players. I’ve had materials swiped from under my nose multiple times on Zakuul. these nodes respawn very frequently, so there’s plenty for everyone.

Torian Cadera – Bounty Hunter Companion Returns

Bounty Hunters celebrate! Torian Cadera returns to your side in this chapter. And this marks another returned ‘love interest’ character too. Needless to say my first run was on my female Bounty Hunter Sojourna! His reaction if you married him during the Class story is priceless, but being an honourable Warrior, it sounds like he never gave up on you even after not seeing you for 5 years. To that aim, relationships seem more stable than many we foster here on planet Earth.

Alliance of Mistrust

There are two levels of mistrust in this chapter. Bearing in mind that an Alliance against Arcann and the Eternal Empire is made up of people and creatures from various backgrounds, trust really matters. But this chapter highlights that the Alliance is still shaky.

  1. Lana Distrusts the Mandalorians: part way through the Chapter you receive Schematics to the Droid factory from Theron Shan. Lana delivers these but is concerned that if the Mandalorians re-arm themselves, they may cause you problems in the post-Arcann era. Her concern lies in the Mandalorion way of life being to hunt for honour, which Lana sees as random attacks which could threaten your kingdom whenever (if) that happens. You have to choose between giving the schematics to Shae Vizla to help the Mandalorions as a show of good faith, or witholding them. You have to remember Lana is a Sith and the Empire always sought to control its citizens – and Mandalorians will not be controlled.
  2. You Cannot Trust SCORPIO: Never forget that her primary function is self-improvement. Her motivations are selfish and if a better situation arises for her, she will take it. This chapter highlights that she thinks she can control the fleet with enough access to the GEMINI network. Remember Koth saying “Minor hull damamge or you commanding an unstoppable alien warship?” – same applies here. During your interactions wth GEMINI Prime, SCORPIO does not want you to interact with it, to discover anything. And with the Chapter 15 Teaser Trailer, I don’t think the signs are looking good.

TL;DR Mandalore’s Revenge – Chapter 14

This chapter is a fairly relaxing one on the whole! Darvannis is well-populated with quickly re-spawning enemies and harvesting nodes. The boss fight can take a while, but with Torian Cadera on heals (or you, if you’re a healer) it’s very doable. What’s most intriguing about Mandalore’s Revenge is more the underlying messages. Trust has not been earned by everyone in your Alliance. You have a chance to change the direction and focus of Shae Vizla’s Mandalorions. Whether you take it, is your choice, of course. I really enjoyed this chapter and took my time completing it – mostly to enjoy the dawn/dusk scenery and Mandalorion revelry!

KotFE Chapter 14 Screenshots

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12th June 2016 10:19 pm

What a beautiful world! Man, SWTOR relationships…Don’t get me started on em. xD My take, is that SCORPIO is in it for the “kids”, the GEMINI droids. She sees them as slaves, forced to do Arcann’s bidding on a whim, getting destroyed like toys. But they’re far more than toys. If they truly do take after SCORPIO in their motherboards, they have personality , and desires and wishes of their own. I don’t think SCORPIO is going to betray us in the “This is unexpected and breaks my heart” sense, but rather “I am doing what I want from the… Read more »