Let Arcann and Senya Go or Shoot them Down? – KotFE Chapter 16 – Battle of Odessen

Let Arcann and Senya Go or Shoot them Down? (KotFE Chapter 16)So you’ve battled through 16 chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire (KotFE). You’ve finally brought Emperor Arcann to his knees at the culmination of the Battle of Odessen. The war is won, isn’t it? Well no, it isn’t. Sorry to disappoint! You still have one potentially important decision to make: Do you let Arcann and Senya go, or do you try to shoot them down?

Why Letting Go, or Shooting Down Even Happens

As you leave the Bridge of Arcann’s flagship, it is being torn apart by other Eternal Fleet vessels thanks to SCORPIO (of GEMINI Deception infamy) controlling sections of the fleet. The Outlander has to flee the vessel before it comes apart. Unable to return to the Gravestone via the shuttle you arrived in, you are sent on a chase to find a spare transport.
During that run, Arcann’s mother Senya enters the Bridge, using the Force to dislodge the debris standing in her way. Upon seeing her son lying unconscious, and possibly dead, she drags him out sobbing

A Mothers Love: Senya says it is time for Redemption
A Mothers Love: Senya says it is time for Redemption
“No… I wanted to save you!”

Arcann regains consciousness in time for Vaylin to arrive, attempting to finish her mother off but is Force Thrown away by Arcann himself. So they flee to Arcann’s personal shuttle in an attempt to escape. Arcann is defeated but not destroyed. (The same wording Lana uses to describe the old stories of The Gravestone defeating the Eternal Fleet). So at the same time as you are leaving the dying Flagship, so are Senya and Arcann.

How Do You Choose?

As you leave you are informed by Senya that she isn’t returning to you to let you “Finish This”. With that you haul your ship around in hot pursuit. Then you have that agonising moment when given the choice: Let Arcann and Senya Go or Shoot Them Down?

  • Theron Shan says you’ll kill both your arch enemy and Senya (someone who has been an ally up to this point)
  • Koth in his usual style, wants to kill them both.

I ran a Twitter poll so of people who responded (if it’s still live, please vote!)

Any Consequences? [Spoilers]

As it currently stands we don’t know the end result. There are closing cutscene impacts.

  • If you do not shoot at Arcann’s ship, Senya declares “Your mercy will be remembered”. Although, you do not get an “your action will be remembered” notification. So whether this statement is an indication of future encounters, we don’t know.
  • If you let Senya and Arcann flee, Koth (if he is still in your Alliance of course) destroys the atmosphere of celebration with a scowl enough to bring down the Eternal Empire! Lana steps in as diplomat saying “Koth just needs time”.
  • If you try to shoot them down, Theron Shan rebukes your attempt due to nearly killing Senya

Interestingly this is not a Light Side or Dark Side choice. It’s just a choice.

Battle of Odessen Alternative Endings [Spoilers]

On Vulkk’s YouTube Channel, He calls it Light Side and Dark Side endings, probably for clarity or brevity. I finally managed to record my own endings, on different characters:

Let Senya and Arcann Go (“Light Side”)

Here’s one of my characters Letting Arcann and Senya Go:

Shoot Them Down (“Dark Side”)

TL;DR Shoot or Let Arcann and Senya Go – What Did You Do?

If you missed the poll, or aren’t on Twitter, feel free to share what you chose in the comments. Let me know why you chose the way you did too!
That moment you choose - to shoot Senya and Arcann down, or not?

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24th October 2016 12:58 am

I gave a short answer via twitter, but wanted to elaborate a little bit on the decision. 🙂 KotFE was really, really hard on my smuggler character. She never bonded with Lana on the previous occasions she’d worked with her, so much of the early chapters felt very surreal to her. So much of that time is spent with people she doesn’t know, and isn’t sure she can trust, including Koth and Senya. In fact, the first person in the storyline that she feels any sort of connection to is Theron (who brings back her ship, which earns him even… Read more »

24th October 2016 11:04 am

Glad you’re back and feel well enough to post.

Ravanel Griffon
Ravanel Griffon
25th October 2016 12:37 pm

Interesting to read what happens if you shoot them down. Koth seems a lot creepier than I thought he was.

Obviously I didn’t shoot them down: I love Senya too much! Besides, it looks like Arcann has broken down. He is a victim of his father’s cruelty as much as everyone. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption, as the jedi say.

Also, congratulations with your daughter! The next couple of weeks will probably be tiring, but incomparable! I wish you three all the best!

14th November 2016 9:44 pm

Didn’t hesitate, I opened fire, and my character is light side most of the way. Arcann is a mass murderer, he ordered millions of deaths just to make a point. Innocent men, women and children (who he knew had nothing to do with his problems) bombed without mercy. He is a monster but of the worst kind – a fully functional human being capable of rational choices. Having an emotionally distant father is pretty pathetic as an excuse for such crimes. Vaylin I can have some sympathy for, she is clearly insane and she doesn’t instigate mass murder in a… Read more »