KotFE: Unanswered Questions by Chapter IX

KotFE - Unanswered QuestionsI’m on my fourth run of Knights of the Fallen Empirs now. Yeah, I’ll stop soon as I have my Alliance Specialists to work on!

As fast paced and, to a certain degree, repetitive nature of getting through the initial chapters, I’ve started to become aware of some unanswered questions weaving through the story.

Whether they lead to story arcs, or part of the main story, who knows? I’ll add to this post as more and more of them crop up.

If you haven’t played through you may not want to read this – and I’m fine with that!

1. Why Is Arcann So Eager To Have You Kill Valkorian?

Maybe he’s more of a despot than the Eternal Emperor, maybe the discontent you get from the preview trailor just boiled over. If you take the ‘do not kneel’ option at the start, Arcann frees your hands.

“You came here to defeat him. Now’s your chance.”

Which you gladly take, of course! On the flip side, if you do kneel Arcann proves he is capable killing Valkorian himself – and even then blames you! The mark of a true dictator-in-waiting? If you are his conduit to power, why does he insist on hounding you? I think there’s more to Arcann’s motivations than meets the eye.

SCORPIO in SWTOR's Knights of the Fallen Empire
SCORPIO Joins Your Fallen Empire Alliance. Kinda.

2. What Did Arcann Take from SCORPIO?

Of course, Captain Fat Fingers himself puts his foot in it and actually asks the self-proclaimed “intelligence beyond comprehension” SCORPIO the question directly. This self iterating machine only joins your ‘alliance’ to get back at Arcann who took something from her. What was it? Why was it big enough to go with your Alliance rather that apply that machine-learning AI of hers to get it back on her own? Interesting…

3. How Much Does Vaylin Want the Throne?

Seemingly content with her role as High Justice, Vaylen wreaks havoc everywhere she goes. But there is a telling response right at the end of Chapter IX. She is telling Arcann that ‘Father’ (Valkorian) wants to take the throne from him by using The Outlander. His response is

I will die before I let that happen.

Her answer: “Of course you will”. A sense of the future? A hopeful sign that if he is true to his word, the Eternal Throne is hers for the taking? And why does her father think Vaylen will ‘destroy everything’ he has worked for?

4. Who Is Right About Valkorian? The Emperor Himself or Lana? Or Both?

The Emperor plays the role of the perfect tempter – tempting you with power in return for…what? Well, after taking him up on it twice but trying to regain control over your life, you get the warning that you have ‘give up too much power to him already’. Your ‘free will’ stripped of you, is Valkorian trying to determine your destiny, or helping you achieve greatness? Is he using you but is still the ‘world devourer’ Lana continually has to remind the Outlander about. The Emperor in KotFE is careful, intentional and thinks you can’t do anything without him.

Who has a grasp on the truth? Does even Valkorian hold that truth? I have my doubts- because he doesn’t appear as omniscient as he makes himself out to be. But as the scene between Lana, Koth and Senya proves: No-one knows him fully.

5. Who Has Their Doubts About You on Odessan?

Once you hit Odessan, your job is to build an Alliance against the Eternal Empire. Yet in the closing dialogue, you are told not everyone thinks you can do it. When you ask who, the only response is: You will find out soon enough.

You arrive, see Jedi and Sith, Republic and Empire, Smugglers and Bounty Hunters all seemingly working together. But how fragile is this Alliance? Can you hold it together or will you be doomed to failure? How do you deal with ‘traitors’ of the Alliance, when there is no unified rule system?

6. How ‘Glorious’ is the Future?

Before you final show down in Chapter IX of KotFE you re-encounter the fallen Heskel, former leader of the Scions. He claims to have seen the future, and he says it is ‘glorious’. But from whose perspective? They served Zakuul, but wanted to work against Arcann. Yet because ‘fate demanded it’ brought Arcann to Asylum – the perfect betrayal. What did he see? Did any of the other, no scattered Scions hear of his vision?

And why will your new Allies, the Scions return to you “when it is their time to die” (Heskel’s words). If they are just lambs to the slaughter, whose future is truly glorious? And will any Scions be left to appreciate it?

7. Where is Satele Shan When You Need Her?

Whether she’s doing a Yoda and sat somewhere on Dagobah so she can commune with Darth Marr? Odd that she is playing Jedi Voyarism – aware of what your Alliance is trying to achieve but not joining in? This sits counter to the very hands-on Jedi Grand Master seen in Shadow of Revan. Will she join your fight? Maybe you have to win her to your Alliance? Or maybe she’s hidden somewhere to be found? I don’t know, but her lack of interaction is either waiting for the right moment, or trying to protect the Jedi’s very existence in the same way Yoda did by retreating to Dagobah or Obi-Wan Kenobi did in Tatooine. No idea, though, just speculating!

Answer: Chapter 12 Visions in the Dark, we see the Satele Shan has been on Odessan for quite a long time. She wants you to see Balance in the Force, but then that same Force calls her elsewhere.

8. What Is In The Dark Sanctuary? (On the Gravestone)

Chadrassa rightly pointed out that the Dark Sanctuary inside the Gravestone is a question in itself. What is actually contained inside that Monolith and is it somehow powering the cannon which can take out the Eternal Fleet? Chadrassa was under the impression that the thing inside it resembled Zildrog (the Serpent of the cult on Zakuul). Is it a coincidence that it is in the Dark Sanctuary where you meet Valkorian again? Is it linked to what’s inside the Monolith, or is the Emperor just reminding you that he is still, in esssence, dark? Theories, theories, theories.

KotFE Game Play Inquisitiveness

Then there are a few gameplay questions I haven’t had the courage to test out yet.

  • If you accept Arcann’s offer to return to carbonite: will he find a way to part you from Valkorian? That’s his promise. (but it’s just as hard a decision as the ‘kneel or not’ option)
  • What happens if you feign accepting his offer with the [Lie] option, how much does that change your detiny?
  • If you let Tanno Vik kill the Engineer Koth wants to fix The Gravestone, does that hold you back?

I set up an Insta L60 to answer some of these questions – I might doom myself to failure, but at least I’ll get answers to questions!

Over To You?

Any other comments or unanswered questions so far in the KotFE Story? Have I missed some answers somewhere (which is possible!). Feel free to use the comments!

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14 thoughts on “KotFE: Unanswered Questions by Chapter IX

  1. I have this weird, and VERY tinfoil-hat worthy theory that Valkorion and Zildrog are the same entity. And that the thing inside that “coccoon” on the Gravestone is that entity in a kind of hibernating state. Where do we first “meet” Valkorion outside of the carbonite-dream? At that cocoon. Interestingly enough that is also where we first talk to Senya after she joins the team – right after she prevents HK55 from scouting out that area of the ship.

    Suspicious! Also, Koth’s amulett? A Zildrog amulet. Aaand now I am susopicious of all my new companions.

    1. Ah yes, the Dark Sanctuary on the Gravestone. Probably the source of the power? But why would Valkorion create an entity to destroy his own fleet? Interesting conspiracy theory though. The whole Dark Sanctuary thing is oddly suspicious as well!

      1. Never claimed the theory makes any sense… πŸ˜‰ It’s just stuff I noticed, and then my brain made weird connections. I am pretty sure something is going to go down in that Sanctuary further down the storyline. *dun-dun-doooom*

        1. I would agree, I will add The Dark Sanctuary to this post – because there’s definitely questions about it. And whether that’s the power that takes out the Eternal Fleet within the Gravestone. Very much intrigued though if the Emperor is somehow against his own fleet. *ponder*

          1. Let’s not forget that the ultimate goal is to take out the entire galaxy and reform it for his own ends, so having a means to take down this fleet makes as much sense as abandoning the empire to bring in a robot army to destroy it and the republic. Just keep weakening any gov’t body strong enough to defy his end game, including zakuul. The other big question is, has the emperor really changed, this guardian angel act is clearly just that, but the behavior and communication style of the emperor has changed quite a since ziost and prior. If he’s just putting on an act and about to go off on everybody again, so be it, but perhaps, even though it’s an act, something within valkorian prior to the emperors arrival has changed him in some way. None of the others that the emperor has dominated or consumed has had this kind of an affect before if that’s the case.

            Also, what about Valkorian and Vitiate. Was Vitiate within Valkorian while also projecting to Yavin and Ziost? Or is that where he went after consuming Ziost. Are Arcann and Vaylin really his children, or were they born before Vitiate came along. It would make sense if he came later because their mother noticed a distinct change in Valkorian, distancing himself from his children and becoming colder, which lead to her leaving the family, so maybe that’s because Vitiate had arrived?

  2. Some thoughts from me:

    (1) Darth Marr’s ghost says something interesting at one point. Speaking to Satele, and I’m paraphrasing here, Marr says, “Even when my life depended on it, I did not see Valkorian properly until it was too late.” It’s interesting, in that Marr saw Valkorian in the throne room as a threat to the entire galaxy and all life in it, that Valkorian was afraid of dying, and that Valkorian only wanted to destroy them (“I will not kneel to you ever again!”). So if Marr as a ghost says he was WRONG right then, what exactly IS Valkorian’s true nature? What are WE not seeing properly?

    (2) There is an absolutely FASCINATING line of dialogue that you can earn from the Scions during their test of you ONLY if you take the “dark” option (since I didn’t see it until I played through with a more aggressive character). When you finally manage to defeat Heskel and he’s lying on the floor as you loom over him scowling with your weapon at your side, Senya approaches you and tries interjecting:
    Senya: “Don’t be angry with Heskel. This test was necessary … We NEED the Scions!”
    You (dark dialogue option): “Are you sure? Or is it only your guilt at work here?”
    Then a burly Scion standing behind Heskel’s downed form holds out his hand: “The blood of Tyth flows in you, Outlander. Please! Don’t make us spill it today!”
    This dialogue had me scrambling to learn who/what Tyth is and I encourage you to go looking at it, too. Tyth is one of the old Zakuul “gods”, who according to legend left Zakuul to invade the Outlands along with his sister, Aviela. Also, when you are entering the Old City with Senya on-board the shuttle, Senya is singing a song, that goes, “… A love the hand of Tyth could not deny …”
    Considering that religious mythology is often based on historical events, these pieces of dialogue seem to imply that Tyth was an ancient Zakuulan ruling figure who lead an invasion of the Outlands, fell in love there, and possibly left behind offspring of his own. Which means that your own Outlander might be descended from Zakuulun royalty and can make a reasonable claim to the Throne. Hence Valkorian’s willingness to extend your Outlander such an audacious opportunity; it could also go far in explaining your character’s unique abilities/powers/achievements.

    (3) Valkorian says during the dream sequence, that Ziost “changed everything — you, me and the entire galaxy. … They died, showing me the truth.” What the heck does THAT mean? How was he changed by Ziost, and changed FROM WHAT? To WHAT? Regardless, Satele is well aware of Valkorian’s nature, what he is; and when he speaks of “those on this world who don’t agree”, I think it’s Satele and Marr he’s referring to.

    1. Great thoughts!

      1. I don’t think we really know Valkorion’s true nature yet. If you take 2 dark options, then attempt a light option with the last Arcann battle, he ‘takes over’. So he’s still a control freak, but he is cunning in his attempt to befriend you. And the great scene of ‘You don’t know him like I do’ means that no-one knows all aspects of him. Intriguing indeed.

      2. Well picked-up on. I hadn’t looked into Tyth before – will have to now, of course! Would certainly be interested if the Outlander has ties to the very power he/she is fighting against!

      3. He says the truth was that he “is beyond death”. The entire galaxy changed when a third party-power (the Emperor) proved he could control, then wipe out, a whole power. However, at the end Arcann says Valkorion’s power “is weaker”, so whether being beyond death means he can’t influence the galaxy the same way any more – hence needing to inhabit the Outlander to achieve his own goals. Possible, but very interesting. And your point about those that don’t agree – you are implying Satele is somewhere on Odessan? Interesting… πŸ˜‰

    2. i believe its koth and his crew remember what koth said its the gravestone that will win it not you not me not the outlander and koth is hiding something if you remember when lana found HK-55 she said he had no memory and koth went WHEW thats probely bad almost like HK knew something .and koth was happy his memory was wiped. sorry but i think koth is very bad i trust senya

      1. First time I’ve openly heard people suspect Koth, but there’s a lot that many core characters are not known yet. 5 years is a long time – and a lot will have occurred, which we are not privy to yet.

        (p.s. I approved this comment, rather than the first one, as this had more detail in it. Hope that’s okay.)

  3. In answer to a couple of your questions, since I have explored some different options;

    If you surrender to Arcann, you call the ship to tell Lana. She thinks you are an imposter and Valkorian thinks you are an utter wimp and manifests to goad his son into attacking. Arcann, being the jealous little prick he is, gladly obliges Dad.

    If you lie to him, you tell him you’re calling the ship to tell your allies to stand down, which he magnanimously allows. You tell Lana that Arcann’s here and to defend the ship, then turn to face him. Imp side calls him an idiot, Pub side just waits for the fight to start. Too bad, my Commando and my Gunslinger both would have gladly called him a moron to his face. =) Actually, my senior Jedi Knight would, too. She’s a former SpecForce Drill Instructor.

    Interesting note on Satele and Marr; My husband thinks they’ve been on Odessen the whole time. If you look at the surroundings during their scenes, there is a resemblance. I believe that is an entirely plausible theory.

    Vaylin: Random number generator for a brain, I think she and Dark Jaesa could totally be BFF’s. Does she want the throne? I’m not sure. I think sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn’t. You notice when Arcann throws his tantrum after your escape and Arcann vents on her, then he backs off, “I’m not… blaming you.” And his hand positioning almost suggests an apology. I think he knows little sister, with her strength in the Force, could totally kick his ass if she ever took it in her head to do so, so even he handles Vaylin with kid gloves.

    One thing I do believe, is that Valkorian really does want his kids out of the way. Arcann certainly wants Dad gone for good, at least half his remarks during the Chapter 8 fight are from Arcann to Dad, you’re just a body he happens to be occupying. Ugh, that’s a new and nasty thought. You’re like the Emperor’s Voice now…. a conduit for him. At least we have some measure of control.

    As for Arcann’s remark about Valkorion’s power being weaker, I’m not sure what to make of that and I’m not sure he’s correct. Option 1, you take on Arcann without Valkorion’s help, well, what information is he drawing on to come to that conclusion. Only the fact Valkorion didn’t manifest. That’s not much. Option 2, you do let Valkorion help and blow Arcann off the top of the spire with that power. The condition the Outlander is in afterwards suggests to me that it’s the conduit, ie The Outlander him or herself that is the issue, not Valkorion. Throwing around that much energy when you aren’t accustomed to it could really hurt. Either way, it’s a poor assumption on Arcann’s part and could be another indicator of arrogance on his part. Unless there is something we’ve totally missed or didn’t understand, of course.

    Ah, SCORPIO. She doesn’t do anything that isn’t in her own self-interest. The Gemini units suggest that she did fall into Arcann’s hands at some point and he copied or outright stole something from her that made the Gemini units possible. The Gravestone obviously holds something of great interest, too, or she wouldn’t want unrestricted access to it so much.

    The remark about the blood of Tyth also occurs when you choose the #2 dialog option. If you read what there is the old mythology of Zakuul, there’ s some interesting things there and possibly some story parallels.

    Anyway, time will tell on many of these questions!

    1. I don’t need to answer everything there – but it all makes a lot of sense. You’re not the first person to believe that Marr and Satele are on Odessan. The setting does suit – and I’m really hoping for some actual missions on Odessan – it’s a beautiful setting and there’s great scope for some on planet battles. For any faults you can find with KotFE, it gets people talking and, probably more importantly, thinking! Thanks Kaylen! πŸ™‚

      1. I would love more locales on Odessen, you’re right, it’s such a gorgeous planet! Can we say STRONGHOLD?? =)

        Initially, I only moved my ‘primary’ characters through. Kaylenn the Sage, Andri the Sniper, Shae’lari the Sorcerer, and Shaya the Shadow. Three classes only, I know. So recently I started taking some other classes through and I hope to move one of each through before Chapter 10 comes out just so I can see the subtle differences for each. My Commando just finished Chapter 9 and my Gunslinger is on Chapter 3. Anyway, you’re asleep and I am going to start moving in the direction, so good night!

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