KotFE Chapter 11: Disavowed (with Aric Jorgan)

SWTOR KotFE Chapter 11 - Disavowed with Aric JorganSWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire story sees you meet, or reunite, with former Republic Special Forces soldier, Aric Jorgan. Despite being on Arcann’s most wanted (and most hated) list, you hear that Jorgan is leading his own attack against the Emperor’s forces on Zakuul. Theron believes that this could be a vital ally, both for intel and capability. Whatever your character’s original faction, you’re building an Alliance, so you may need any ally you can find. So let’s delve into Disavowed!

Who is Aric Jorgan?

KotFE Chapter 11: Disavowed sees us meet Republic Special Forces, Havoc Squad Member Aric Jorgan as he fights the Eternal Empire on their territory.

Aric Jorgan is a strongly principled Cathar Republic Major who forms part of the Republic Trooper Storyline in SWTOR. Depending on your choices as a Trooper, he can become your XO, helping to lead Special Forces division Havoc Squad.

KotFE Chapter 11: Disavowed – Theron Makes Contact

Chapter XI starts with a meeting with Theron Shan, who has heard that Republic Special Forces Havoc Squad (completely new members and larger crew than that of the Trooper Storyline) have taken leave from normal Republic Duties to do an unofficial mission on Zakuul. Whatever state the Republic is in, Theron cannot be tied to the possible recruitment of Havoc Squad into the Alliance. Forming a military force outside the Republic could be classed as treason by the increasingly desperate ex-Supreme Chancellor Saresh.

So, as disenchanted as you’ll find Aric Jorgan to be with the Republic, Agent Shan still doesn’t want to risk being Disavowed himself.

So you, The Outlander, have to travel to the Endless Swamp to meet with Havoc yourself. If you don’t get as distracted as I did by gathering nodes (there are tons in that swamp), you’re launched straight in.

First Encounters with Aric Jorgan

From the outset you can choose your attitude with this new possible Ally. Choose wisely, you are in his Sniper rifle’s sights after all!

Not long after initially meeting Aric along with the rest of Havoc Squad, you find out that your shuttle’s landing did not go unnoticed and the usual barrage of Skytroopers, mixed in with some Walkers makes up your welcome team. It’s then that you set out with Major Jorgan into the Northen Swamp to get a vantage point over the enemy.

Note: a couple of times, Valkorion’s voice is in your head. Interestingly though, only one physical manifestation happened (I think there were three interruptions by Valkorion over the chapter) with my first run (I’ve yet to see if that’s the same for all previous decisions). Maybe that’s a sign of what Arcann says at the end of Chapter VIII that Father’s power’s changed: it’s weaker. Maybe it’s just as Darth Marr observes after his own death that the Emperor’s presence in the Force has always been deceptive. Who knows?

What Kind of Resistence Are You Building?

It’s then that you are faced with a moral dilemma to resolve, however your particular Outlander acts. Civilians are being chased down by Skytroopers and various Droids. Arcann has sent his forces to destroy the homes of Exiles living in the Endless Swamp. Do you save them? This being my first run with a Lightside Shadow Jedi (if such a thing should be allowed to exist…), I saved the civilians, which gains you approval/influence with Major Jorgan.

If you agree to help the civilians, you’re looking for doors like the screenshot. You’ll have to traverse some of the swinging walkways. And not all of the doors contain Exiles. You have been warned!

Why Is Arcann Targeting Civilians in the Swamp?

Valkorion tells you that these Exiles “wanted for nothing” while he sat on the Eternal Throne – and these civilians blame you for causing their plight. To some degree they are correct, of course.

So why is Arcann targeting these Civilians? In a reply from one of them: because we doubt. More specific reasons include:

  • For asking for proof that an “immortal” Emperor could die. (A valid question which in your initial escape you have an option to challenge the Knights of Zakuul with).
  • For asking for Justice for the Exiles.
  • For seeking the “Old Ways” for guidance (a hat-tip to the Scions maybe?)

So what kind of Alliance are you building? Does it help the lowly, destitute and marginalised? Or are you building your own Empire based on selfish motives, becoming a despot not unlike Arcann. That’s your choice, naturally.

Disavowed: The Main Event – the Offensive

Once you have led the Exiles to Havoc’s pretty-well established base camp of operations, the true mission is revealed: to install a wiretap into the Skytroopers’ communications to allow resistence fighters (and by proxy, your Alliance) to listen into Arcann’s tactics. While Havoc, Odessan soldiers and other local recruits create a huge distraction, you are to slip into an outpost to plant the wiretap.

Havoc want to become “Ghosts” who know when something’s about to happen and disrupt the operations of “high value targets”. This has a much more military approach to Kaliyo’s “kill them all” urges in Chapter X – Anarchy in Paradise.

After battling through the usual array of Skytroopers of varying strenths and mobile turrets, you have a puzzle to solve.

How to Disable the Shield

Before you do this, you probably want to clear the area of Zakuul Knights. One did manage to fling me over the edge, so try to keep the battle in the wide areas as it’s a long walk back!

When you have your freedom, follow each of the coloured wires to their final point and disable it. The red one runs underneath, but you can reach it quicker by backpeddling to just after the entrance tunnel.

Note: In my latest run I totally forgot something. Thanks to people in general chat for reminding me: The Yellow Fuse Wire Splits into two so there are 4 fuse boxes for 3 fuses. This is a feature, not a bug! So one yellow one is attached to the main building up top, the other is underneath. Hope this helps!

Security Is Onto You

The good news: The wiretap worked. The bad news: It was no secret. You’ll have some easy pickings of droids inside the control room but as you fight your way out you’re met by a gold-class droid. In all honesty that’s not your biggest threat: be careful of the ‘suicide droids’. Take them out if you can at a safe distance. Take out a couple more Knights then hammer the big droid. I found Heroic Moment useful here, but maybe that’s because I’m a wuss.

Back at Base

The divisions within the Alliance are still evident. You see fights break out in the Cantina. Koth just cannot stop having a go at Senya despite her obvious commitment to the cause. And Theron and SCORPIO keep criticising each other. How in Skyver’s name are you supposed to hold this bunch of misfits together?

That being said, your mission is a success and the wiretap finally gives up its secrets: insights into the Gemini Frequency – the way Arcann commands his warships (The Eternal Fleet). Can we hack it and commandeer some of these ‘totally automated’ ships? With the similarity between SCORPIO and the Gemini units, we may have to fight alongside SCORPIO in future. But remember she is in your Alliance for now – until she does her damage in making Arcann see the error of his ways in stealing from her.

TL;DR – KotFE Chapter XI: Disavowed

So let me ask you again. What kind of alternative society are you building? SWTOR’s KotFE Disavowed brings out the honourable side of warfare in stark contrast to the previous chapter. Do you treat civilians well, or are you no better than Arcann? And is it your fault that they suffer now, or is it truly Arcann’s responsibility for defying his father?

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