SWTOR: Introducing Sjani Arcturus

Sjani Arcturus - Smuggler (SWTOR Character)Sjani Arcturus (first name pronounced See-yah-nee) was raised to know a star ship as home. Travelling with her mother Dana and rogue Smuggler Barak, a basic-speaking Trandoshan, Sjani both loved and hated the life her mother had chosen.

Loved because there was always much excitement after a successful deal, which usually led to gifts being showered on her as a child. Hated because half the time they were running for their lives – exploding out of some backwater planet’s spaceport, or running some blockade or other.

Deep down, she wanted something or someone who would just be there for her.

Sjani narrowly missed her life being cut short during the Sacking of Coruscant, after they found themselves the wrong side of an Imperial blockade after a Spice deal went wrong (Read: Prelude: Heiress of the Skies).

As she grew up she learned to repair, upgrade and eventually fly a handful of different craft – from your average transport, to unmarked freighters, to the occasional theft of a Republic fighter, she quickly adapted to the life of the Smuggler. It was more destiny than choice, but Sjani Arcturus (then Sjani Takre) made the best of her lot.

Occasionally jailed, but rarely serving any real sentence, she knew how to use her charm to talk her way out of tight situations, but refused to follow her mother’s role in abusing her gender for personal gain.

Ruthless in deals over credits, but loyal in friendship, Sjani Takre, never saw the unexpected twist her life would take, which would test loyalties on all sides.

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