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HK-55 Returns as a Companion on SWOTR : KotFEI managed to flukily catch the December Producer Livestream on 1st December. I had to work late so didn’t get any gaming time, which was sad. That being said there were some pretty cool announcements, relating to to Subcriber Rewards coming with SWTOR/KotFE and our favourite droid, HK-55.

HK-55 To Return

The humour aspect of the game was one of the things I really enjoy in SWTOR, but it has been incorporated even more since KotFE landed. The most humourous character is that of the droid HK-55 (not to be confused with HK-51) and his many ‘meat bag’ references.

Well for subscribers next year HK-55 will be returning as a permanent companion. Nothing was given away as to whether he will just ‘appear’ or be granted, or whether they will write him back in. I hope they write him back in personally, given HK-55’s untimely demise at the hands of Arcann at the end of Chapter VIII.

New HK-55 Playable Mission

Again, for subscribers, there will be a ‘bonus chapter’ written in where you can actually play as HK-55. As you can’t gear droids, presumably only the weapon will be cusomisable, so I suspect as it’s only one chapter that all the stats will be balanced ahead of time. This bonus chapter should land alongside Chapter X, so around February time, so long as you’re subscribed by January 11th.
Play as HK-55 - a new Bonus Chapter for KotFE

Early Access to Chapters

As of early next year, subscribers will gain access to the chapters as they are made available – 2 days before non-subscribers. Some people in chat complained about this – but 2 days is still advanced warning and still a privilege the we are paying nothing extra for – so I’ll take it.

Other Points

  • The next chapter of Fallen Empire will roll out on 9th February, so you have plenty of time to reach Alliance Level 20 and kill all the Star Fortresses. I’m sure many of you have, but given I can’t game every day, I’m miles behind!
  • After Chapter X is released, BioWare hope to release a new chapter every 4 weeks.
  • Next year we will be able to work for the Eternal Champion title with a Soloable, multiboss arena. This looks like the arena underneath the Cantina on Zakuul, so I think that’s pretty cool. I’m also glad it’s a Soloable mission.
  • This gladatorial contest will lead to you winning Bowdaar to your Alliance.
  • Some extra levels will be added to crafting, which is overdue as we can’t really craft mods suitable to the missions at L65 (thinking 220’s especially).
  • Monthly rewards for subscribers, including a new HK-47 Statue for your Galactic Stronghold.

I didn’t catch all the Live Stream, but hope this recap is helpful for someone out there.

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