SWTOR Wallpapers for Desktop or Mobile – Free Downloads For All

Free SWTOR Wallpapers for Desktop or Mobile for DownloadAfter my post about taking better SWTOR Screenshots and a few really positive comments about some scenic ones I take, I thought I would share the love and offer a whole bunch of free SWTOR Wallpapers for download. These are geared to laptops/desktops, though some may work well on tablet computers (at least in landscape mode).

You can browse the gallery of SWTOR Wallpapers below, but as I compress them when I upload them, use the download links towards the bottom of this post to download a ZIP file with the image in it. That also saves me bandwidth and the pressure I put on my server! So don’t download them all else I may have to remove this post – and I don’t want to do that!

Hope you enjoy these – I intend to add to them over time as well. And please share with people who you think may be interested!

Desktop Wallpaper Resolution: 1920 × 1200

Free SWTOR Wallpapers Download Links
Should be fine for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

The captions of the images above correspond to the download links below. If your browser is up-to-date, clicking the link should trigger a download. If it doesn’t, right click the link and look for ‘Save Target As…’ (or similar) to download the ZIP file to your computer.

On a tablet, most should allow you to hold your finger down on a link to give you save options. On some mobile phones you may not be able to directly download, so use the same technique as for tablets, or feel free to download the SWTOR Desktop Image from the gallery above.

Fallen Empire (KotFE) Desktops?

I need some time to do some collating and photo editing and then yes, Fallen Empire Desktop Wallpapers will be on the way. Enjoy!

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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Ravanel Griffon
Ravanel Griffon

Heh, this is an idea I’ve been fostering for a long time, as well, ever since Conrad ordered (uh, I mean *asked*) to pick some of my screenshots for his computer. There’s some really cool ones in there. πŸ™‚


Alderaan 3 is gracing my tablet now. πŸ˜€ (On my desktop I’ve had the original loading screen art from launch since forever.)