Fallen Empire: When Power Structures Crumble

Fallen Empire: What Happens When Your Power Structures Crumble?The youngest member of what used to be the Dark Council was hunched over a datapad. In the dingy communal area of The Gravestone, Nyha desperately tried to get through to anyone from her life from five years ago. Archeologist Talos Drellik, Pirate Andronikus Revel, Sith Beast Khem Val or her apprentice, Xalek.

Well, former apprentice., she reminded herself.

As a last ditch she even tried the somewhat fallen Jedi Ashara. Nothing. Not even a communication received response from the datapad she had hardwired to be a long-reach comm device. It took all her will not to shatter the damned machine against The Gravestone‘s walls.

It had only been a matter of days since she had been busted out of the Carbonite Chamber in a Zakuul stronghold.

The problem with induced comas is that time moves on but you stay in the same mental place., she pondered.

She pushed the datapad to the other end of the table and leaned back on her chair. Closing her eyes, she sought to reach out to The Force, wanting against hope to connect to something. And, in deep space, headed who-knows-where, the Force found the young Zabrak. What surprised her was that it wasn’t the Dark Side of the Force, or the Light Side. Simply the Force.

Nyha sighed, her mind still whirring. It had been five years, or so they told her. Five years ago she was free to wreak her revenge, anger or sometimes just pure insanity on any world she pleased. And she got away with it. Lording it over the lesser beings, killing at random and striking fear into the hearts of anyone she met.

But now? Now the power structures she had operated within had crumbled. A new power had arisen, one which Valkorion had told her embraced the Force “more than light or dark”. And they were strong in that.

Even during her escape she had wanted to just let the generator blow up, killing many people. That was her nature. Yet the way that stupid spacer Koth talked, along with a subtle prompting from the Force made her choose to save people. That had confused Lana Beniko, who put it down to a side effect of the carbon freezing!

SWTOR: KotFE: Sith Inquisitor - Escape from ZakuulWhat if both the dark and light sides were wrong? What if her own motivations were misplaced? She had gone from having supreme power, to having no power and that made her nervous. Opening her eyes, she reached for the one thing that still belonged to her, a Cathar Warstaff wrested from the Cat-like species during an Imperial raid. She looked at her own reflection in the blade: her skin potmarked and scarred from years embracing the darkside. Her eyes, tinged with red, but overshadowed by blackness due to feeling totally shattered.

It was then that a hand from behind her laid gently on her shoulder. She sensed it was Lana and for the first time in the last week, she smiled.

“How do you do it Lana?”, she asked.

The Sith sat down opposite her at the table.

“Are you open to learning?”, Lana enquired.

Nyha took a deep breath. Learning meant admitting someone was better than you at something. But with everything she knew now lying in tatters, she had no choice.

“Yes. I need to find the Force again. In Balance.”, she answered softly.
“Alright, we have a few days before we hit Asylum, let’s begin.”

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