SWTOR: The Death and Rebirth of a Jedi Battlemaster

Death of Zav-Yun - Jedi Battlemaster due to KotFEA sad thing has happened to me this week. I had to actually delete one of my characters from the Red Eclipse SWTOR server. Unless I don’t connect with the character, I never do this.

Zav-Yun: My 2nd Ever SWTOR Character

When I first joined SWTOR it was as an F2P player. I created Cor-Jhan Arcturus (Jedi Consular/Shadow) and Zav-Yun (Jedi Knight/Sentinel). That was probably 3 years ago. I went through the whole Jedi Knight storyline and loved it. Jedi I have created in my minds eye, or sometimes in Fan Fiction wielded either the double-bladed Lightsaber, or two Lightsabers.

Past Star Wars games I’ve tried never seemed to grasp how tricky fighting with two Lightsabers actually is, but The Old Republic does a really good job of this with the engine they have. I don’t think they’ve really nailed the Double-bladed Lightsaber, which is a more acrobatic form than SWTOR reproduces. But you live with imperfections and SWTOR bugs and move on.

Zav-Yun struggled early on in life with the darkside. Dual-wielding is by its nature an aggressive Lightsaber form and this led to him not always thinking when deciding how to deal with a beaten foe. But through encouragement from the Jedi Council and his wife Kira (a JK Companion) he overcame his struggles to be firmly Lightside. Not 100% but enough to be able to resist temptation.

A Character ‘Killed’ by Fallen Empire

It was only when Knights of the Fallen Empire was released, that I struggled with Zav-Yun. Often coinciding with really bad days with my Fibromyalgia, I took some decisions that were ‘out of character’:

  • Permitting Valkorion to save Lana Beniko at The Gravestone’s crash site
  • Allowing the same Emperor (who he had once defeated) to control him in the battle against the Scion Heskel
  • Force choking Tora (Koth’s “best engineer”) after the Battle with Arcann for being really annoying when you’re about to slip into a Coma

It was then I stopped believing in the character I had let Zav-Yun become. Despite believing I should be true to each character I had allowed myself to take irreversible decisions and actually made him unbelievable.

It was made worse because if you allow Valkorion to save Lana at The Gravestone and accept his power against Heskel you have no choice but to take his power against Arcann. Even if you try to resist him, you’re told that you’ve given up too much to Valkorion and he effectively ‘takes over’.

Once control of my character was given over to a third party, he felt lost.

The Irony is: Valkorion Won

Maybe this is the power of the Fallen Empire series. Real decisions, irreversible decisions and consequences for decisions taken. Unfortunately for me, those decisions (which is totally my fault, I accept that) killed a Jedi Battlemaster. The Emperor’s presence in the Force has always been deceptive (quote: Darth Marr) and his deception won. So I guess hats off to the developers and the storytellers at BioWare. But I’m gutted to have lost a character with 3 years invested in.

We Are Being Reborn

So I’m going to try again. I will recreate him on a different server and start all over. I don’t have an L60 token so I will have to start from L1. But maybe this time I’ll ignore my own personal feelings and get back into the mind of one of my previously best creations.

Zav-Yun Mark II: Togruta Jedi Sentinel

Have you lost faith in any characters through SWTOR? What happened and did you actually mind?

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12 thoughts on “SWTOR: The Death and Rebirth of a Jedi Battlemaster

  1. Ohhhhh boy yes I have.

    For starters, my Trooper was originally going to go off the deep end after being frozen in carbonite. But I couldn’t go through with it. I grew to love my Trooper companions too much to make *them* go through the drastic shift in characterization.

    Then there’s my Agent. He was the most vile person I had made in game. He’d lay the charm on thick, but was a sociopath beneath it all. No real emotional connections to anyone, no cares, nothing. He truly was the Hand of Jadus, and relished the robotic regime Jadus envisioned. Then I went and romanced Ensign Temple. Suddenly, this guy that, for all purposes, shouldn’t feel love in any way (he seriously got messed up by the Castellian Mental Conditioning), was acting far more human, far more empathetic than he ever should. After *that*, SWTOR screwed up and lost his love letter. So that left me at a loss. Having his one human connection be treated as if it didn’t exist when it had already had a profound impact on my choices therein was impossible to reconcile.

    So I’ve started anew.

    That said, I’m worried about my first character, my Knight. I was super excited to have a friendly Sith (Lana), and I warmed up to her really fast. Thing is, I don’t know if it counts as “cheating” (no kissing, I can safely say that), but I think I hugged her, and I don’t know if Bioware will consider that as cheating on Kira or not.

    Not to mention my Knight is already on shaky mental grounds as it is (I’ve modeled him after myself, and with all the issues I’ve had with health, people and so on…), this Knight relies on his friends way too much for his own good health. Now with all this talk of “letting go of your past”, and so on with Satele (his aunt in my headcanon, which is a loooooong story) of all people possibly manipulating him just as Valkorion would, he’ll break. And I don’t know what will happen then.

    However, negatives aside, I’m re-doing a Knight story (to take screenshots this time!), and I’m having a blast getting to go through it again. So, you can look at it as either the fixing of a grievous error, or, as I am trying to for mine, a fresh new chance to write a story that can more easily fit together with the new information you didn’t have the first time.

  2. Oh man… I know at least one or two of my Guardians would try to come up with a way to step out of an airlock to the SOB with them. That feeling of him not being your character any more would bug the hell out of me too. I might not delete him right away, but I’m pretty sure another of my eight guardians would be my main going forward (Yes, Guardian Derangement Syndrome is real!)

    1. I love playing my guardian. It’s pretty intense way to fight, but you get some devastating shots in as well as being able to shield yourself. I can see why you would have multiples!

      And yes ‘losing control’ was the hardest bit for me, I think!

  3. My thoughts here are still a-buzz right right now, which means it’s probaby too soon to post, but whatever. =) First off, only one of my characters (so far) knelt to Valkorion, but it wasn’t out of seeking power like the game spins it, although she uses that as a properly Sithy facade. It was out of sudden terror when she was suddenly and literally the stranger in the strange land. Marr had died right in front of her, defying Valkorion. There was ONE familiar thing left and she grasped on to that one familiar thing, even though it’s not to be trusted, at least it was something she knew. She saved Lana, I *think* she used it in the Scion’s little inititation and she absolutely used it against Arcann. It’s rather sad, at this point, she rather sees herself as lost and rather pathetic and is semi-resigned to her likely-horrible fate.

    However, while there is life, there is hope. She survived the destruction of her civilization when her family didn’t. She survived slavery. She survived Korriban. She survived her Master, Zash. She even survived Thanaton. She survived the destruction of Marr’s flagship and badly-done carbon freezing. She may yet find a way to survive this as well. After all, she’s survived all the rest so far…

    1. I just hope that she also sees the life-hope link. The Outlander is a lonely story despite having so many ‘allies’ as no-one in your Alliance truly understands. In one sense, maybe Valkorion is the one who knows you best (until you get Husbands/Wives back). I think Lana understands a fair amount. The rest seem to have a lot of self-interest which actually alienates your character.

      1. I can’t begin to tell you how much I agree with this.

        My original Knight has rapidly become more like me, and not in any way I wanted him to.

        Alone in a crowd, relying on one, maybe two people to maintain any sense of stability, incapable of finding any other method of feeling needed as a person (sure, they all say the Outlander is key, blah blah blah, but really, it feels more like we’re just the unlucky pawn that got picked to play the role of Valkorion’s puppet in his war against his rogue children) rather than just for his Outlandishness.

        Sure, folks like Talos Drellik, Sgt. Yuun, Theron and T7 would likely be more than happy to try and help in some way, as people I’ve met on Twitter often are. But there’s something about connections with certain people that makes it either frighteningly easy to unravel your very soul to them, or equally frighteningly impossible to do so.

        So what happens when you don’t have that person/people to rely on? No living emotional crutches for a maimed heart and soul?

        You fall. You fall, and you struggle with every ounce of your being to try and stand up, and you fail.

        So you stew in solitude, or alone in a crowd. You go through the motions. You take the verbal and physical abuse because you eventually come to take it as your lot in life, your burden, your destiny. You lose hope of greener pastures. Then you just lose hope.


        Grand Master Satele, Darth Marr, and Valkorion all are working diligently to forge the Outlander into some sort of proto-Celestial (think of The Father, The Son and The Daughter from Clone Wars Mortis Arc) messianic weapon. They don’t care for your emotional stake in things, you have a galaxy to save, a Republic to overthrow, an Empire to dismantle, and ANOTHER Empire to fend off.
        -END SPOILERS-

        So what remains of us after they get their weapon?

        What remains of those lost in the world left alone? What happens when you have to rely on someone for hope, and they’re gone, unreachable?

        I’ll truly be impressed if Bioware actually goes in-depth on this. Immensely impressed. It might even make me re-evaluate my own issues if done right. Who knows.

        1. The two companions that Shae could talk to somewhat haven’t returned yet, Andronikus and Ashara. Talos, while a dear, was more of an academic thing and he was invaluable to her while she was learning the educated side of her job, but they never meshed deeply on a personal level. Being more Light-sided, she didn’t care for Xalek at all and honestly wouldn’t have accepted him as an apprentice originally if given a choice. Lana helps some, but Shae’s very reserved and doesn’t talk much about herself, given a choice. Emotionally speaking, Shae’s probably the most ‘damaged’ character I have. The rest are pretty okay. One had trauma, but got the help she needed when she needed it and recovered. My senior Guardian is also somewhat damaged in the Chapter 2 ending events, but she was older and had a very strong sense of self and surprisingly, Scourge helps her stay centered.

  4. Well, I just learned something new about Knights of the Fallen Empire. Didn’t know yet that once you accept Valkorion’s gifts the first two times you have no choice the third time. My important character, my well known Smuggler Saskaia, accepted it to rescue Lana, because she didn’t saw an alternative. But Lana reminded her at what cost that help might come.

    I actually try to live with the consequences. But then, it’s a game and life is hard enough.
    You have my sympathies. Loosing a beloved character is hard. I hope, you can love his successor as much as the fallen Battlemaster.

    1. I’m usually okay with consequences, but didn’t realise how far he would fall. My choices, I accept that. Doesn’t make the any easier! But yes, as my guildie said, you need to enjoy playing and if that involves radical changes, then so be it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Fortunately I’ve never had to do that… I’ve generally been OK with characters evolving and changing over time. (If I’m honest this is in part because with so many alts I can’t always remember every single detail about what I originally wanted them to be like. ;))

    I didn’t know that Valkorion would take over against your will if you accepted his help twice before; that’s really interesting!

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