SWTOR Little Boss – Alliance Recruitment Mission for Blizz

Blizz - Little Boss Alliance Companion Mission - SWTOR KotFEHaving only just recently finished the Bounty Hunter Mission on SWTOR, it was a pleasant surprise to have the opportunity to recruit Blizz into our Anti-Arcann Alliance as part of SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire. This relaxing and, frankly, fun, mission takes place on Hoth, so time to don your shades and jump into Little Boss!

Who is Blizz?

Blizz is a Jawa Bounty Hunter who you recruit on Hoth as part of the Bounty Hunter Class Mission. So it is with some irony that he returned to Hoth, the planet that originally caged him, to work with other Jawas.

How do you recruit Blizz in SWTOR/KotFE?

I believe you have to have completed Chapters 1-9 of Fallen Empire and you must complete the HK-55 Recruitment Mission in the Research Lab of the Odessan Base.

Once those are completed, you will get an Alliance Alert that a new Recruitment Mission is available. The mission is called Little Boss and you can use your Alliance Transport to go straight to him, the same as the other planetary recruitment missions.

Little Boss is a 3-stage Mission, so you may want to put aside an hour or so to complete it in one sitting. Here’s a walkthrough guide to the full quest:

Little Boss – Stage 1: Scavenging Salvage for Blizz on Hoth

Unlike the Doctor Lokin mission which isn’t a simple scavenging task, Little Boss requires you first to scour the area around the Starship Graveyard area of Hoth.

You are looking for items in the ground marked as Salvage. As this is a ‘public’ area, although some salvage items are visible they cannot be harvested until they respawn. But there are a lot of salvage items to be had. Simply run or mount around the area and harvest the items, in the same as you would for crafting scavenging.

Periodically, a droid will attack you, but don’t worry, they also drop the salvage that Blizz will love!

How Much Salvage Do You Need for Blizz?
You need 20 items of salvage which will sit in your Mission Items. Each node of salvage will give you between 1-5 ‘items’ of salvage, so you don’t need to find many active nodes.

Little Boss – Stage 2: Deliveries to other Jawas

The next stage sees you setting off trekking across the harsh world of Hoth, delivering items of value to other Jawas on the planet. The mission markers are found on your map, so use the Speeder Taxi and Quick Travel liberally to make this as smooth as possible.

The Solution for Stage 2

  1. Associate Jawa 1
    Jawa’s Name: Preeti
    Item To Give: Vibro-Ear
    Location: Clabburn Tundra (Buried Field)
  2. Associate Jawa 2
    Jawa’s Name: Nu’na
    Item To Give: Socks
    Location: Highmount Ridge (Tromper Crags Geothermal Installation)
  3. Associate Jawa 3
    Jawa’s Name: Dakk’ik
    Item To Give: Sniff Machine
    Location: Glacial Fissure (Southern Cravasse)
  4. Associate Jawa 4
    Jawa’s Name: R’bik D’nec
    Item To Give: Laser Torch
    Location: Starship Graveyard (Grim Path)

If you get the Jawas’ names right first time, you get some influence points with Blizz for managing to remember the names of the little people you’re delivering to! There’s an achievement to be won by not making any mistakes here too.

Little Boss – Stage 3: Taking on the Ugnaughts

The final stage is to take a small army of Jawas to an underground cave just North of the Starship Graveyard (not far from the Star of Coruscant downed starship).

  • There are 8,530 Credits (at L75) to be have for dispatching 9 groups of Ugnaughts
  • You need to defeat the Chief Ugnaught to complete this mission. Be warned, he does have a huge one-shot attack that took half of my Hit Points, so consider fighting with Blizz in heal mode.

Use the Beacon at the start of the Phase. You then get all the above Jawas to join you. It appears they may bring buffs with them, but hovering over them doesn’t tell you what the buffs are exactly, just that they are using the equipment you’ve just delivered.

TL;DR Blizz – the Little Boss

You can become his ‘Big Boss’ and impress Hylo Viz by recruiting Blizz into your Alliance. Little Boss is a pretty relaxing mission (apart from needing to dim your screen brightness of course) so makes a refreshing change after the chaos and hard fighting of Chapter 10, Anarchy in Paradise!

This SWTOR mission is a lot of fun, especially meeting the rather demented Jawa R’bik – Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “SWTOR Little Boss – Alliance Recruitment Mission for Blizz

  1. The green squares are for each of the Jawa Crew guys that help you on the last mission. They even have some information with each one.

    1. If you’re delivering to Blizz’ friends, then the map has the markers on it. They are in different regions of Hoth, I’ll try to get screenshots of their locations on my next run, but for now the map is definitely your friend πŸ™‚ hope this helps!

      Note: you have to be tracking the mission to see the markers!

      1. If you’re already at the markers, but you can’t seem to find the Jawa that you need to deliver it to, it could be that they didn’t load in for some reason. Simply logging out of your current toon and logging in should fix it.

        1. I’ve been sitting here after reloading twice and still no jawas to give items to. It’s becoming frustrating. Tips?

          1. Some people have said logging in and out helps. Others say switching instance may also work. Failing that, reset the mission and re-start. There have been a few bugs on NPCs/Companions and how they render on-planet and in cutscenes, so this may be one of those. Hope you find something that works – the mission worked fine first time for me so I didn’t have to solve any problems. But I know you’re not alone in encountering bugs on missions like this one.

  2. On Part 3:
    I got called away from the quest to help someone, but when I came back and used the beacon to summon the jawas, Blizz did not come.
    He is not in the alert section, and he is not in my companions list.
    Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Did you try to reset the phase. If that don’t work I can think only on resetting the mission. Worst case: You have to deliver the socks and other stuff again. πŸ™

    2. Blizz doesnt come with the beacon, you have to summon him like one of your other companions.

      1. Thank you for your comments, please can you tell me where I said that Blizz had a beacon, so that I can correct it. Thank you!

    3. I’m running into the exact same issue now. Did you ever figure out how to resolve it? If I have to, I’ll reset the entire thing.

      1. Did you not have Blizz as your companion before the final stage? I’ve had to use the normal companion summon command from the Allies/Followers list. He’s a ways down the list under ‘Alliance Recruits’ I think before you actually complete this mission.

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