KotFE Chapter 10 - Anarchy in Paradise: My Thoughts

SWTOR KotFE Chapter X - How Far Will You Go?I was originally going to overwrite my original Anarchy in Paradise post with this one, but thought I would actually add content rather than re-write it. My first post talked about some of Bioware’s aims with KotFE Chapter 10. As I didn’t want my blog to be a ‘me too’ website, but to write what I felt like, this isn’t a walk-through. If that’s what you’re looking for, as always, Dulfy got there first.

How Far Will You Go?

KotFE Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise asks the question: how far are you willing to go to bring down Arcann? Will you just target the despot at the top, or do you want to draw all life in Zakuul to an end? It is war. In a war setting, innocents will always be drawn in. However, this situation is different, you are choosing (or not) to blow up buildings containing Zakuul’s civilians, when other options are available.

I would argue that KotFE Chapter 10 is less about Kaliyo (aka Firebrand) and more about how much terror do you want to inflict when fighting a force which is dealing terror to you?

The Koth Factor

I’m pretty sure, the number of times I’ve played this now, that I haven’t done a Dark Side choice yet. Not because I haven’t taken Dark-siders through Fallen Empire but because I generally hate Kaliyo. So why give her what she wants? But many are saying that Koth leaves if you blow people up. Before blowing a gasket, let’s consider why?

Early on in the Story, we know that Koth is a native of Zakuul (Lana Beniko tells you that during the initial rescue mission). Deeper in the story, we learn that Koth does want to de-throne Arcann but we don’t have to destroy all of Zakuul to do it.

This is his home we are attacking. It’s no different from a terrorist in real life bombing your own city or village. It’s personal and it hurts. To deny Koth a reaction that is appropriate to having your home torn to shreds is a little harsh. After all, your KotFE Alliance is made up of a lot of character types, tendancies and species. You can’t (and won’t) please them all. As we keep being reminded, Knights of the Fallen Empire is about consequences and living with them.

To Ditch Koth, or not to Ditch Koth?

Do you keep Kaliyo happy and bomb Zakuul’s civilians or do you restrain her and just take out the droids? It all boils down to the question of knowing what your principles are and building your Alliance on those. If you want to hurt Arcann by destroying his people, then blow them all up. However, on one of my Inquisitors, in the early chapters she said:

If I’m going to rule this Empire one day, I want it to have the most people, not the least

Something to think about. But I ran a Twitter poll to see how others dealt with this:

Pretty much a 50:50 split (13 get rid of Koth, 12 kept him). It probably depends on your character. I haven’t yet got rid of him, but he is annoying a couple of my characters so I think I may finally take the risk and see what the consequences are. Like, I’ve never let the star generator rupture in KotFE Chapter 3. Maybe I should for once?

The KotFE Chapter 10 Boss Fight is Intense

With Fibromyalgia I have to be really careful with gaming. Intense battles can cause muscle cramps and headaches. It happened with the Arcann Fight in Chapter 8.

The same happens with the final Overwatch battle against Tayvor Slen, the Overwatch Administrator. With Kaliyo in Tank Mode, we just managed to pull through first time. Take down the consoles as they become active and hammer him for all he’s worth. It’s also worth dispatching the Skytroopers just to reduce the sources of DPS damage against you.

Is it bad that KotFE puts me in pain? Maybe not. People love rollercoasters because of the ‘near miss’ thrill. People enjoy horror movies because of the rush of being scared half to death. At least KotFE is getting a reaction. If a movie, theme park ride or a game gets no reactions at all, then it is doomed. When you’re dealing with international gamers, you are not going to please everyone. But I think that’s better than people saying nothing about it at all!

Arcann has finally Peeved Vaylin

Right at the end, Arcann is so angry that ‘Father’ was on Zakuul while he was razing other worlds, that he tells Vaylin to get Knights in pairs to fight to the death in some sort of macabre gladiatorial fight. Watch Vaylen carefully. She tells him that finding his enemies will be much harder with half the number of Knights. His response?

“You know my command. Go!”

Vaylin is not happy and the seemingly invicible brother-sister partnership seems to show signs of wear-and-tear. Could she go her own way while Arcann reacts in a Kylo-ren hissy-fit way? How much does Arcann rely on his sister’s leadership and Force powers? There is definite tension there and that will intrigue me more going forward than even what happens to companions like Koth.

TL;DR – KotFE Chapter 10 Review

Yes there were a ton of Skytroopers (Lana: “There’s one thing I’ve learned about Arcann: there will always be more”) and Zakuul Knights. Yes it’s hard going. But I enjoyed 99% of Anarchy in Paradise and it is good to see that actions have realistic consequences. It was also nice to finish with the relaxing mission “Little Boss” (Blizz) afterwards. But that’s gaming for you, at least there’s variety!

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