Introduction: Master Conspirator Pakarius (Imperial Agent)

Former Imperial Agent (Cipher 9) - Pakarius: Intelligence FileBEGIN EXTRACT FROM INTELLIGENCE FILE: REFERENCE: C9-MPAK-DBL-8090670/W

What follows is a restricted access only report into former Imperial Agent, code Cipher 9 (234th Code-Reassignment). It must be stated his whereabouts are usually unknown and his allegience is equally unreliable. As this file was alleged to have been erased by Cipher 9 himself, this is an effort by various former intelligence operatives, Sith and former associates of the named Imperial Agent Pakarius and therefore certain details may be inaccurate at the present time.

File Information

  • Compiled By: Alliance Intelligence (Location: [ENCRYPTED])
  • Sources: [REDACTED] of former Republic Strategic Information Service (SIS) and [REDACTED] of former Imperial Intelligence
  • Location of Encrypted Data Storage: [UNKNOWN – TRANSMITTED VIA 35 NON-LINEAR ROUTES]

Background and Species

Hailing from the species of the Cathar, Pakarius was originally brought into the Empire as a slave, assigned to Dromund Kaas to assist with building and repairing various structures, civilian and military. The Cathar are an intelligent species and known for their clan loyalties. Pakarius quickly showed aptitude for problem-solving along with a reassigned loyalty to the Empire for providing him with work and a place to live.

Despite the Empire’s hostility to non-human life-forms, Pakarius proved himself reliable and hardworking. His assignment to Imperial Intelligence as a Data Analyst was decided by [REDACTED] after he foiled a plot by other slaves led by [REDACTED]. His memory and ability to create links between individuals led to a full crackdown and system-wide changes. Many of the revolutionaries are either still incarcerated or have felt Imperial Justice in full measure, to create an example to others.

Known Associates

His original Intelligence crew was a mix of scientists, anarchists, Killik “Joiners” and a known Imperial Trainee. The last in this list has been identified as [REDACTED]. She was finally discovered to be Force-sensitive, but all attempts to transport her to Korriban for training have failed. While we do not see her as a flight risk, or likely to join the Jedi, other Force Orders do exist and we are trying to infiltrate these now.

Of particular influence on Imperial Agent Pakarius, was known Anarchist Kaliyo recently re-discovered on Zakuul under the assumed name of Firebrand. It is likely her influence that led Pakarius to lose his loyalty to the Empire and cause him to refuse the offer of working directly with the Dark Council.

His other associates, while unusual, have either disappeared or have been subsequently classified as ‘benign’ with no further investigation required at the present time.

Known Aptitudes

  • Stealth Technology and experience in avoiding detection by organic and mechanical individuals
  • Healing Technology: protective shielding, nanotechnology and bacta infusion <NOTE: Should former Agent Pakarius require neutralising, a substantial effort will be needed due to these aptitudes, which have seen him survive even onslaughts from Force-sensitives.
  • Weapon of Choice: Rifle <MODEL UNKNOWN, WEAPONS CHANGED FREQUENTLY DURING TIME IN IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE>. Should you need to engage Pakarius in close combat, he is also skilled with knives or short blades.

Current Status

We have attached the status of ‘Master Conspirator’. He is not to be trusted, especially since cutting ties with the Empire and Sith. While last known activity was not targeted against the Empire (or remnant thereof) that does not infer he will not engage in such activity in the future. To gain his trust, you have to prove yourself loyal over a number of years. That tactic derives from the former training College of Imperial Intelligence, a system designed to highlight any and all flaws in loyalty.

To that degree any former close associates must be deemed loyal to Pakarius until evidence to the contrary is recorded.

Last Known Sightings

What follows is security footage of an individual with a like appearance to former Cipher 9, but it must be stressed that many Cathar are similar in appearance, especially those from the same clan.


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