The Sjani Arcturus Chronicles – Star Wars FanFiction

StarWars FanFiction: The Sjani Arcturus Chronicles
Sjani Arcturus later in life. Captain of her own destiny.
Part of the reasons for me setting up the FibroJedi website was to relax and re-find my previous enjoyment of writing StarWars FanFiction. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

As I write more about Sjani Arcturus (née Takre), I will update this Chronological Account of her life here, like a ‘contents page’ of a book, only in website form.

Who is Sjani Arcturus?

The Sjani Chronicles: Prelude

Chapter 1: The Diversion

Chapter 2: Learning the Hard Way

This is fanfiction. It is set in the Old Republic time in the StarWars Universe. I try to keep within the ‘rules’ of the Universe, while carving my own path in and around galactic events. I aim not to clash with any pre-established (read: official) events where possible, though names of characters and those of ships will be readily invented.