Winter Survivor – LOTRO Beorning Outfit

I sometimes get asked what my characters are wearing when I post my LOTRO screenshots. So I figured I could gradually add some of my creations to my website. The first cosmetic I want to show off is a Beorning outfit, which I’ve called Winter Survivor. Getting an outfit right can be challenging, and where skin-changers are concerned this is especially true!
Winter Survivor - LOTRO Beorning Outfit
Beornings live in the wilds for most of the time, and it does not get much more wild than where snow blizzards can occur! So it is important to stay warm, especially in human form!

Beorning Outfit and Fur Shoulder Piece

Although it’s inferred that Beornings did not hunt wild animals for food, nevertheless not all animals are friendly. So I’ve assumed that if an animal was killed by a Beorning that they would not see that fur go to waste.

Winter Survivor Screenshots

This outfit has a couple of variations to it, so did not justify two separate blog posts on the subject. Lothver, my male Beorning has a bear-mask on in human form. Esilve, my female bear, uses a warm, hooded cloak. The mask and the hooded cloak cannot both be visible at the same time.

And to make sure you can clearly see the cosmetics when you’re not in a blizzard, I took extra shots outside Suri-Kyla in Forochel!
As you can see I left the hands uncovered. That may or may not be wise! However Beornings are a hardy people so I’ve not put gloves on to ensure they get maximum grip on their weapon.

How to Make This Outfit

  • Head: Visage of the Bear (Lothver) – LOTRO Store, 295LP
  • Shoulders: Strong Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons (Tailor crafting recipe). There are a number of pauldrons available with variations. One has bear-claws, which looks like you were attacked by a bear who underestimated you!
  • Chest: Surcoat of the Yield (Farmers Faire cosmetic). Lothver has his dyed black. Esilve’s Surcoat is in the original, undyed colours.
  • Back: Heavy Cloak of the Mammutti (Forochel Kindred reputation vendor)
  • Hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag, dyed black (Dunland quest reward)
  • Legs: It doesn’t matter as this is covered entirely by the Surcoat of the Yield.
  • Feet: Snow-Beast Boots, dyed black (Yule Festival cosmetic)
  • Bow: Swift Grey-Wood Bow, loot drop. Any Grey-wood bow will suffice here.

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