Off to Market: Farmer’s Faire-themed LOTRO Outfit

Off to Market - LOTRO Hobbit Role-Playing OutfitThe importance of food in the life of Hobbits cannot be understated! So many meals and snacks in-between that any break taken may only be spent looking forward to the next time you can eat. Thankfully, for the growers, crafters and merchants of The Shire, this means a guaranteed, steady business all year round. As the Farmer’s Faire is not far away (as of the date I’m publishing this outfit) I thought I’d put together some cosmetics suited to the occasion! Off to Market, sported by Lamuna here, is a simple outfit for the discerning Shire business lassie or lad!

Outfit in Role-Play

It can be easy to forget that an MMORPG is still an RPG! For other cosmetics I’ve put together I’ve shown the character in-combat. Here, though, such exertion is not necessary. Running a market stall in the Shire may be a fight against other traders, but not that kind of fight!

Travelling Between Markets

In this Hobbit outfit, I wanted to include a steed. Ponies can be used to transport your goods between markets – and your snacks en route, naturally.

Checking Out the Competition

You won’t be the only grocer at the market. So it’s important you check out your competition’s goods too. And plan your next meal accordingly.

Markets Aren’t All About Food

Sometimes a woodworker has to sell whatever they can. Lamuna crafts a few quick weapons to sell on the side.

Off to Market – Cosmetics Close Up

There are only four cosmetics items of clothing visible in this Hobbit outfit. I have also included a rather novel one-handed ‘weapon’ – see below on where to obtain it!

Other Items You Could Use

I was missing a couple of hand-held items from my store of cosmetics. I will remedy this at the Farmer’s Faire. But extra items you could use are below. Links provided are to the LOTRO Wiki to help you. Links to festivals are to my own Event Guides here.

If you have a war-steed and are selling flowers at the market, the Basket of Sunflowers would be perfect.

How to Make This Outfit

After admiring – and sampling – some of the delicious goods on sale, it’s time to wipe the crumbs from your mouth and put this little Hobbit outfit together!

  • Head: Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers, Farmer’s Faire Cosmetic
  • Shoulders: Autumn Shade Shoulders (Lalia’s Market, Mannequin Mithril Coin purchase)
  • Upper Body: Farmer’s Fancy Tunic and Trousers, Farmer’s Faire Cosmetics, Walnut Brown Dye
  • Back: Fastred’s Fine Cloak (Wiki Info), Rohan Quest Reward, Walnut Brown Dye
  • Slots Left Empty: Legs & Feet (both pre-determined by the Tunic), Hands
  • One-Handed Melée Weapon: Bread of the Third Age (Wiki Info), Bingo Boffin/Bert Bartleby in Moria
  • Mount: Picnic Steed, prior year’s Summer Festival reward

TL;DR Enjoy this Farmer’s Market-themed Hobbit Outfit!

With my LOTRO outfits, the aim is provide some for combat and some for role-playing. With Off to Market, I hope it’s helped you think about how to dress your LOTRO characters when not rushing from quest-to-quest. Enjoy your time in Middle-Earth and watch this space for more outfits!

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