LOTRO Summer Festival 2018 – Come Enjoy the Sun in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2018Enjoy the sunshine and sweltering heat in Middle Earth during the LOTRO Summer Festival! A festival of food, kite-flying, fishing and…retrieving things for people who seem to be very careless during the hazy days of Summer! If you’re new to the summer festival or to LOTRO in general, here’s tons of info on the event, where the quests are and what 2018’s mounts are! This festival could also be described as the ‘slowest’ festival – so don’t rush to grind for tokens, sit back and relax and enjoy Summertime in-game. Let’s get started!

2018 Festival Updates

July Update: The Guide is now pretty complete and up-to-date! I’ll only be making minor tweaks, like updating some that were taken in less-than-summery weather! If you think something important is missing, please let me know!

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When is the LOTRO Summer Festival?

This year the LOTRO Summer Festival runs between 28th June at 10am (Server Time) and the 17th July 2018 at 3am (Server Time). This means that the last full day of the festival is 16th July 2018.

Summer Festival Encore

Per the LOTRO Events Schedule, the Summer Festival Encore will take place:

9th August at 10am (Server time) to 20th August 2018 at 3am (Server Time)

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Where Are Festival Quests Found?

The Summer Festival starts at the Party Tree in the Shire. The vast majority of Festival quests are available here.

You can also find quests at:

  • Celondim, Ered Luin: “Sitting by the Dock” fishing quest.
  • Duillond, Ered Luin:, “Missing Things” for Lalfor (see below), along with a dancing quest.
  • Thorin’s Hall: “A River Runs Through It”, fishing quest, “Forgotten Errands” for Ambi (see below), along with a dancing quest.
  • Bree-land Pond (just South of the Skirmsh Camp): “To the Pond” fishing quest.
  • Bywater: for Mathom Fishing, “Stocking the Pond” and “Belongings Gone Fishing
  • The Race Courses: at Bree-land Race Track (near the Festival Ground) and the Shire (Just South of Michel Delving)

There are also standalone race ‘betting’ events that have their own horse transports for: The Keg Races and the Taste of Hobbiton (also see below!).

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Summer Festival 2018 Quest Information

I’ve tried to include nearly all quests this year, so I think I’ve mostly managed that – let me know if I’ve missed anything important!

A Sunny Summer Day Daily – 3 Summer Fest Tokens

There is a Festival ‘Wrapper’ available from Campanula Chubb near the Vendors at the Party Tree. This requires you to complete just 7 Summer Quests (excluding Horse Race at Bree and The Shire). It awards 3 Tokens.

Complete this 5 times to complete The Heat of Summer (Intro) for a furhter 5 tokens and to unlock the next ‘level’.

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Defeat the Heat / Heatwaves

SSG appear to have massively improved the mechanic of Defeat the Heat in 2018. You no long have to dialogue with the Heatwaves. Instead you can just tab them as any normal enemy, instead of attempting to follow and talk to them!

You can also defeat Heatwaves wherever you find them now, not from different areas as before.
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Too Much Festival – Item Locations

The first ‘lost items’ quest is Too Much Festival. It requires you to search an area of The Shire for: a teapot, a parasol, some wine, a book and a ball of twine. Here are Foxglove’s cryptic clues and where you can find all the items she needs!

Note: Too Much Festival does not count towards the Daily.
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Going Hungry – Item Locations

I did say Summer makes people lose things didn’t I? Blame the heat, the overflow of food and drink…or the pipe-weed! Who knows? This time Melliot has lost his lunch, which consists of: Bread, Eggs, Cheese, Porridge and Fresh Mushrooms. Interesting Picnic! Here’s where you can find them all!

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Crash Landing – Find Crashed Kites

You are given a very vague area to look for the crashed kites. However I’ve provided a minimap below to 5 of them, and some screenshots of some crashed kites too. There are more crashed kites on the ground than you need!.

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Other Quests in the Shire:

There are bunch of others you can do, most of which are repeatable every 12-14hrs. Here’s just a few!

  • Flying High: fly kites in the Shire – all are marked on your map, no searching needed!
  • Ice Delivery: carry a huge chunk of ice to Bywater to make desserts, but watch out for Old Ladies, Children and Cats (obviously)!
  • Cooling Off: Gulp some water into your mouth and “Create a Fountain” to cool off overheating patrons. Yes, spit that water over them and hope that they’re grateful!

Stocking the Pond – and other Fishing Quests!

The Stocking the Pond Quest at the Summer Festival is one you need only do once per character. You have to travel around Middle Earth (specifically Thorin’s Hall, Celondim and Bree-land Pond) to catch fish to replenish the Bywater Fishing Lake.

  • Where is the best place to find Amberjacks?
    That would be Thorin’s Hall on the West Side of the building!
  • Where is the best place to find Drums?
    At the pond just South of Bree
  • Where is the best place to find Luillims?
    At Celondim Docks, not far away from the Stable Master

Once you have completed Stocking the Pond once it unlocks 3, 20-minute fishing sprees in those 3 locations:

  • A River Runs Through It (Thorin’s Hall)
  • Sitting on the Dock “of the bay!” – (Celondim)
  • The Pond (Just South of Bree)

Why would you want to fish for that long? you may ask! Because Amberjacks, Luillims and Drum are all Barter Currency which can be converted into Summer Festival Tokens, or select cosmetic gear at the Quartermaster. And after you’ve run around after everyone, 20 minutes fishing is quite relaxing I assure you!

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Great Mathom Fishing Swap

This quest does grant 1 Summer Festival Token, but the main focus is fishing for Mathoms and Well-Kept Mathoms! These can be consumed (if you are L20 or over) to improve your reputation with the Mathom Society.

  • Pick up the quest from Mellia Pott at the Bywater fishing hut.
  • Equip your fishing rod and quick-slot your Hobby skill.
  • Fish for Mathoms for 10 minutes! And some weeds…

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Forgotten Errands – Ambi at Thorin’s Hall

The carelessness spreads to Ered Luin next where a failed delivery means items spread all over Thorin’s Hall! Ambi can be found in Thorin’s Hall Inn.

Forgotten Errands requires you to find: A Red Jar, a Green Jar, a Blue Bottle, a Note and a Pack. So here they are to help you!

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Missing Things – Lalfor’s List

Elves may be immortal, but they are not perfect! Lalfor has lost a few things around Duillond too! You will need to look up as well as around – so enjoy the views while you retrieve his items!

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Belongings Gone Fishing

The last Middle Earther who has lost things in the Summer heat is Mosco – who has left fishing equipment and *gasp* his Elevenses somewhere in the vicinity of the Bywater Fishing Lake! Thankfully you, unlike he, are capable of retrieving these things for him!

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LOTRO Summer Festival Deed – Celebrating Sunshine!

There is a Deed to complete – Celebrating Sunshine. Completing it gives you the title “Sunshine”. Here are a few pointers in completing it!

  • The “Go Fishing In…” parts only complete once you have finished Stocking the Pond. After that you need to complete the 20 minute fishing quests at Thorin’s Hall, Celondim Docks and the Bree-land Pond.
  • The “Go Fishing at Bywater” part is granted by completing the 10-minute fishing quest “At the Fishing-Hole”, which is immediately available after finishing Stocking the Pond.
  • Fireworks for the Festival (starts at Bree Festival Grounds) is a timed one-hour quest but you can pre-purchase the fireworks before picking up the quest. To do so, find the Fireworks Vendors, in each of these locations:
    • Man Fireworks: Bree-land Festival Grounds
    • Elf Fireworks: Duillond (same place as Missing Things)
    • Dwarf Fireworks: Thorin’s Hall Inn
    • Hobbit Fireworks: The Party Tree, in the same place as the Festival Rewards Barter Vendors.

    Important Note: if you logged into LOTRO during the Anniversary Event (and Encore), you should have received a bunch of these periodically through gift boxes. Check your bags and other storage before spending coin!

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At the Races!

It’s not quite betting, as there’s no entry fee – but the aim of both The Keg Races and The Taste of Hobbiton is to ‘bet’ on who will win the drinking, or eating race. The Quests are repeatable, even if you fail but look at the cool-down timer!

If you manage to ‘bet’ and win on each individual contestant you unlock a new title: Lucky Duck!

If you win the bet you earn 6 Festival Tokens. If you lose you can pick up 1 Summer Festival Token from the Consolation Prize Box!

Summer Festival Rewards – Steeds and Cosmetics

There is a huge amount to choose from so here are items I personally picked up. But be aware that some things may differ based on location – so you can get different wallpapers at the barter vendors in the Shire, Bree-land, Celondim and Thorin’s Hall. So check them out before buying!

LOTRO Summer Festival Steeds

This year’s steeds that can be purchased with Summer Festival Tokens are: Picnic Steed (40 Tokens) and the Sunflower Steed (20 Tokens). I’ve provided two angles of the Picnic Steed for you.

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Festival Cosmetics

In 2018, there were two themes: Peacock and Picnic, which gives rise to two different dress styles! A quick note: the Peacock Waistcoat and Peacock Trousers are two items. This is different to “tunic and trouser” sets which are one item.

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Quartermaster Cosmetics

From the Quartermasters at Celondim Docks, Thorin’s Hall and Bree Pond you can obtain a Ceremonial Dress. The colour varies at each location – white, green and blue. You can’t preview other colours in outfit preview, so I don’t know that you can dye the dress other colours. I need to test whether this is feasible if you have Wardrobe access, however.

To purchase a Ceremonial Dress you will need one of the Rare Fish> from each region plus 6 Festival Tokens.

  • Celondim: Celebhal
  • Thorin’s Hall: Silver Haddock
  • Bree Pond: Golden Redfish
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Note: If you do not want these cosmetics, you can barter the Rare Fish for 2 × Summer Festival Tokens.


2018 Sees some non-Kite pets added as rewards! The Blue Peacock and Blue Peahen pets. Each cost 50 Festival Tokens!

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There are four dyes available at this event, but the two you can barter tokens for are:

  • 6 × Rohan Green Dyes: 8 Tokens
  • 6 × Sunset Orange Orange Dye: 8 Tokens

The other two can be purchased with Mithril Coins. According to a Kin-mate, the dyes that are Token vs Mithril alternate each year, so if you like the dyes, best stock up!

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Why duplicate work when someone else in the LOTRO community already does it so well? So, if you want to find out which decorations can be obtained for Summer Festival Tokens, then hop over to Déco du Milieu site!
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Rare Fish Title

Lastly, you can pick up, and possibly finish, the Fortunate Festival Fishes Deed. This grants the Rare Fish title, but it takes some dedication! You will need to catch:

  • 20 × Starry Flounder (Bywater Pond, I think)
  • 20 × Golden Redfish (Bree Pond)
  • 20 × Silver Haddock (Thorin’s Hall)
  • 20 × Celebhal (Celondim Docks)
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Resetting Quests to Re-do Them

Thanks to @MeiledoraLOTRO for pointing out that you can reset the cool-down timer on any quest for 5 Mithril Coins. So if you have coins you can almost exchange them for Summer Fest tokens!

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TL;DR LOTRO Summer Festival 2018 – Something for Everyone!

You can choose to focus on the races, or running around the quests, or wile away the days fishing. The LOTRO Summer Festival has something everyone can enjoy and there’s plenty to barter for with your Summer Festival Tokens too! Get out there and enjoy it while the weather’s still warm!

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  1. There are 2 additional quests:

    1) Gathering fireworks. Quest giver is near the fireworks vendor at the Bree Festival Ground. He sends you to gather fireworks from each race. These fireworks can be gathered at the Fireworks Vendors at the Bree-land Festival Ground, Duillond Festival area, the Party Tree, and the Thorin’s Hall Inn. To make this quest easier, gather a stack of each, pick up the quest, and immediately turn it in. Grants 1 Summer Token

    2) The Great Mathom Fishing Quest. Quest giver is at the pond in Bywater. It’s on a 10-minute timer, during which you’re supposed to fish up mathoms. You don’t actually have to do any fishing, however; you can simply pick up the quest and let the timer run down (DO NOT have any other fishing quest active!)

    In regards to the heatwave: Don’t try to follow it, but try to stand ahead of it, so that they are coming towards you. You can also use Shift+F10 to cycle between nearby MoBs, and that does make it easier to target them.

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