LOTRO North Downs Slayer Deeds Map

LOTRO North Downs Slayer Deed Guide and MapThe North Downs in LOTRO is an expansive region home to a variety of races. Men and women are found in various places, but especially in and near Trestlebridge. Dwarves have their own fort in the North. Jorthkin (Earthkin) inhabit much of the eastern edge, while Meluinen is home to a small group of Elves. The Dùnedain Rangers protect their mostly-hidden stronghold of Esteldin, with some of their number being out in the wilds, as you would expect. So it’s no surprise that the different people groups have their own troubles and concerns. From the shades of Oathbreakers roaming the Fields of Fornost, to Wargs roaming freely in formerly-free lands, to Orcs and Goblins invading Nan Wathren and Dol Dinen. Finally, just to the North the Enemy stronghold of Angmar rises once more. All these enemies need battling against and this LOTRO North Downs Slayer Deeds and Map is here to help you do just that!

What Do You Need to Slay?

As a quick note, especially if you’re a new player or newly arrived to the North Downs, you do not need to do any of the Fornost instances to complete the North Downs Slayer Deed. Everything can be done in the landscape.

Goblin Slayer Deed

The Goblin Slayer Deed in the North Downs is probably the most tricky to do efficiently. While Goblins can be found in a number of places, the areas where they’re most prevalent tend to be targeted by deeders. And that’s the same thing you’ll be doing! So be patient, group up with others if you can – and gradually work on this deed as you quest throughout the North Downs.

Annundir (11.9S, 49.9W)

This mini goblin stronghold is just South of Nathan Hodge’s Farm (11.0S, 50.3W) and Minas Vrun. The nearest stable master is Amon Raith. Bear in mind there are two levels to this Goblin-hold. The entrance is at (11.9S, 49.9W):

But there are more goblins to be had from (12.6S, 49.6W):

Nan Wathren

Goblins can be found in the pass of Nan Wathren. Some are normal strength, but some further East are Signature-strength. Use your time in Nan Wathren to progress Orc Slayer, take out Goblins en route, but go to other places on the North Downs Slayer Deed Map to actually work on Goblin Slayer.

Dol Dinen

If you enter Dol Dinen from Taur Gonwaith you can find a few Goblins before you enter Dol Dinen proper. You may encounter a few Wargs too. There’s a small Goblin camp (15.7S, 39.9W), for example, but see the Map for other locations.

If you enter Dol Dinen from the North (more likely) then there are a few Goblins hanging around here too – e.g. around (13.4S, 37.5S).
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Orc Slayer Deed

As with various regions in Middle-Earth, Orc invaders have been sent en masse to the North Downs. If you do most or all of the quests in this area you will complete the Orc Slayer Deed without thinking about it. That said here are the main areas you can find them Orcses.

Tarkrip Assault Camp (15.1S, 51.7W)

This Orc camp is found near the The Greenway, North-East of Trestlebridge.

Norbury Gates – Fornost (18.8S, 55.2W)

Norbury Gates is effectively the entrance to the ancient city of Fornost (though the instances are much further North). Here you can find a small group of Orcs on either side of the roads. There are a few Wargs here – take them out but don’t focus here for Warg Slayer.

Nan Wathren

Nan Wathren can be accessed from the West around (15.5W, 51.4S) behind the Tarkrip Assault Camp or the East from Meluinen around (14.8W, 45.58S). There is no shortage of Orcs here!
You can progress Goblin Slayer here as well, if you want to. However I wouldn’t make that your focus here, due to the numbers involved. Take out Goblins while squashing Tarkrip Orcs, enjoy! And in case you need it, there are a number of repeatable daily quests for Men of Bree reputation.

Merenost, Meluinen (15.2W, 43.2S)

If you do the quest chains for the Elves of Meluinen, you’ll pay Merenost at least a couple of visits. There aren’t many here, but the less grindy you can make your deeding, the more you’ll enjoy it!

Dol Dinen?

There are Orcs in Dol Dinen in the very South East of the North Downs. However, if you’re trying to make completing this deed as painless as possible, don’t go here until you have to. There are plenty of Orcs pretty much anywhere else!
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Shade Slayer Deed – Redeemer

After battling Wights in both Bree-land and the Lone-Lands, you can be forgiven for having had enough of the Dead! Thankfully, for the most part, you’re just dealing with the Shades of Oathbreakers in the Fields of Fornost. There are wights in the far West of the North Downs, but these are few in number.

Redeeming the Shades of Fornost

To complete the Shade Slayer Deed – actually called “Redeemer” in your Deed Log – is not difficult. North of Trestlebridge lie the Fields of Fornost, the location of an ancient battle. Its Oathbreakers roam freely and you can find a fair few quests to help with the Rangers of Esteldin reputation. Some of those are repeatable (e.g. Blood-Eye’s Pack).

Night or Daytime?

As with other Dead/Wight areas in LOTRO, I believe you can find more Shades during the nighttime, rather than the day time.

While there are plenty of Shades throughout the Fields of Fornost, there are two locations where you’ll find a larger number together.

Amon Amrûn (10.5S, 52.7W)

Tham Lorn (11.2S, 59.2W)

Tham Lorn is a fair ride West. However, if you’re currently on the quest The Fortress of Olnathron, you can take the horse at Mincham’s Camp (31.1S, 55.3) and be transported there automatically. The horse is no longer available once you have completed that quest, which is a shame!
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Troll Slayer Deed

As with Orc Slayer, there are Trolls in Dol Dinen. However, the best place to complete Troll Slayer is in Taur Gonwaith, east of Meluinen. You should also be aware that you will almost certainly find other deeding players in this area, because out of Dol Dinen, Taur Gonwaith is the only place to find them. I strongly suggest grouping up if you find others there – or come back another time if you’d rather complete the Troll Slayer Deed on your own.

Taur Gonwaith (around 17.2S, 53.5W)

This rather picturesque part of the North Downs is home to a large number of Trolls. The good news is that by the time you’ve cycled around all the area, the Trolls have usually respawned where you started it. Make use of a Slayer Deed Acceleration Tome if you want to do this quicker.
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Warg Slayer Deed

Realistically, Warg Slayer should be completed gradually as you quest through the North Downs. If you’re just focussing on Wargs on their own, you could travel between these suggested areas. You’ll see a collection of Wargs in Nan Wathren on the Map. There are five or six at Higropor, but these are Elite-strength, so avoid it on-level unless you’re grouped up!

Haudh Eglan, Annundir (7.6S, 49.5W)

Haudh Eglan is North-West of Ost Lagaros. You can find Wargs, Wolves and Bears wandering around in this glade, so if you need medium hides for crafting, here is a good place.

Nan Amlug East

Wargs can be found in Nan Amlug, mostly West of the path running South to Dol Dinen. They are dotted around all over, so I’ve only marked particular clusters on the Map.

Rhunenlad (13.1S, 37.1)

Depending on other players being around there is a path with Wargs on it, leading to Dol Dinen. You need not enter Dol Dinen if you do not wish to. There are Wargs in Dol Dinen, but if you’re on-level (ish) and not grouped, it is challenging. Dol Dinen is designed for Fellowships, though I have been known to take a Lore-Master in there if I feel like a challenge!

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Worm Slayer Deed

Worm Slayer is a strange one! Unless you pick up quests at the Treasure-Hunter’s Camp in Fornost, you do not actually face Worms until much later in the region. And depending on which quest chains you do, you may not encounter them at all! That said, here are the two main locations:

Fornost (around 5.5S, 56.1W)

North of the Treasure Hunter’s Camp is the ruin pictured above. There are a fair number of Worms here for the Slayer Deed. However, be warned that most are Signature-strength, so you’re better focussing on the location below.

Angmar, but not Angmar

Take the western pass heading to Angmar (5.9S, 40.8W) and not the eastern. Your path takes you above the start of Angmar, but sort of not into it. This is Ram Duath and is brimming with (non-Signature) Worms – and drakes. If you’re an Elf, you can progress the Enmity of the Drakes racial deed here too.

As with other North Downs Slayer Deeds, if you do not encounter other deeders here it will be a surprise. And as I’ve said multiple times – remember LOTRO is a community, so try to offer to form a fellowship if you spot another player here.
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North Downs Slayer Deeds – Rewards

I’ve listed the rewards for completing the North Downs Slayer Deeds. For simplicity I’ve added the reputation and LOTRO Points for ticking off both stages of the slayer deeds.

  1. Slayer Deed (Rewards added together):
    • LOTRO Points: 90
    • Rangers of Esteldin Reputation: 7,200
    • Marks: 180
    • Virtue XP: 12,000
    • Titles:
      1. Cleaver of Goblins
      2. Hero of the North Downs (Orc Slayer)
      3. Foe of Night (Redeemer)
      4. Troll Hewer
      5. Warg-Foe
      6. Worm-Slayer (hmm, inventive!)
  2. Slayer of the North Downs
    • Rangers of Esteldin Reputation: 900
    • Marks: 100
    • Virtue XP: 2,000

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Make Use of my LOTRO North Downs Slayer Deeds Map!

And here is that Slayer Deed Map! I’ve marked any areas worth investigating, but it’s worth being aware of your surroundings. Wargs especially, roam Kingsfell and Nan Amlug East (usually) on their own.

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