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The Lord of the Rings Online has many different features and aspects that enable you to vary your experience of the game so you can enjoy it your way. One of those features is LOTRO Missions. Available early on, you can explore some content and people groups often above your character level and experience stories away from the main Epic questline. So here is my introductory guide to Missions, where I’ll cover how you can get them, where they can be found and the types of content available in them. Let’s get into it, then!

What Are LOTRO Missions?

Missions are short, standalone solo or duo instances with certain objectives. Some of them follow a distinctive story, though some (like the Wildwoods ones) are like “continuing the effort”, rather than sequential.
From Patron (MEW): You can do them as a duo and if you are two different levels the level is set by the character that opens the mission. I found that out with a friend who was leveling doing missions and I was doing my wrapper quests. So, he could do it higher level but when we did them 5 levels below they go very fast.
Here are some of the key features:

How to Access Missions

There are only two ways to gain access to them:

Become/Remain VIP

LOTRO Become a VIP Header VIPs, or subscribers, have access to all LOTRO Missions regardless of whether they have obtained the related expansion or not. So this would remain true for you, while you are subscribed. Should you choose to stop being a LOTRO VIP, or your subscription accidentally lapsed, you would lose access to those where you had not separately acquired the related item or expansion. More on VIP →

Purchase the Pack

Buy The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins from the LOTRO Store Some missions come as standalone mini-packs. The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins and The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir are prime examples. Others come with expansions such as The War of the Three Peaks, The Fate of Gundabad and Legacy of the Necromancer.

What Level Do Missions Start At?

Level 20.

Travelling to Missions Zones

Available Missions

How Rewards Work

Instead of offering gear via quest rewards, Missions grant relevant tokens for the faction or classification. To anyone who attends LOTRO Festivals and Events even occasionally, this will be familiar. For example, both the Bilbo Baggins and the Elladan and Elrohir missions grant Tokens of Further Adventure Tokens of Further Adventure, whereas Wildwood ones give Bree-land Wood-Mark Bree-land Woodmarks.

Missions Wrappers

A Mission to Bring Good Cheer

This Yule Festival quest is, as far as I remember, the only LOTRO Event to incorporation Missions. Many (including Yule) have Seasonal Instances and Ill Omens is based on Skirmishes. But during Wintertide, you can complete a Mission to earn 1×Yule Festival Token, which also counts towards the daily wrapper.

TL;DR Access LOTRO Missions, Level Up Differently and See New Places!

Phew, there was more to cover than I initially realised! LOTRO Missions are a great way to see new places, earn new rewards and level up. They’re also really short, so could be a great filler for those snippets of game time. I hope this introductory guide to the Mission system was helpful. Hopefully soonish, I’ll have more to say about the Dwarf missions once I have played those ones enough. However you choose to spend your time in LOTRO, make sure you’re having fun in Middle-Earth!
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