LOTRO Explorer of the Angle Deeds (All)
Find the Sites and the Enemies of the Angle Locations!

LOTRO Explorer of the Angle, Sites of the Angle and Enemies of the Angle Deeds

The Explorer of the Angle Deed in Mitheithel is divided into two parts. The first is grouped together as “sites” while the other is classified as “enemies”, for obvious reasons. If you do all of the questlines available to you, you will visit all of these locations anyway. But, to make it easier – and to entice you to visit these places, I’ve given a map and some screenshots for you to enjoy. There are three distinct storylines as part of the Angle so, as I did with the Wildwood of Bree-land, I won’t be giving any story spoilers here. The best part of starting new regions in LOTRO is to go explore. So let’s do that now!

Sites of the Angle Deed | Enemies of the Angle Deed

Sites of the Angle Deed

Enemies of the Angle Deed

Explorer of the Angle Deed Rewards

TL;DR Go Forth and Explore the Angle of Mitheithel!

For a fairly small region, the Angle of Mitheithel is rich and varied. This is true whether talking about the enemies, foliage or rivers. The Sites and Enemies of the Angle Deeds are spread around the whole area, and rightly so! It’s important to appreciate the work game designers do for us to enjoy. So, go forth and complete the Explorer of Mitheithel Deed and have fun with it; this is a game after all!

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