Summerdays Tunic and Trousers - LOTRO Farmers Faire Upper Body Cosmetic

Item Name: Summerdays Tunic and Trousers
Gear Slot: Upper Body
Trousers Built-In: Yes
Shoes Built-In: Yes (except for Hobbits)
Hides Gloves: Yes (TBC)
Event/Festival: LOTRO Farmers Faire
Cost: 35 × Farmers Faire Tokens

FJ’s Description:

The former Summer Festival and Farmers Faire were the events I remember first taking part in when I started playing LOTRO. So the Summerdays Tunic and Trousers were one of my first festival cosmetics I earned and it still comes out fairly frequently with a couple of my characters. Where the Summerdays Dress is mostly dark green, the tunic set is predominantly the lighter white and light green. The deeper colours are for the sleeves and trouser legs with a border around the upper legs.

Male characters do not have the extra long sleeves. For some reason female ones do.

It’s short-sleeved, fresh and summery, just as it should be!

Other Genders((By gender I mean the gender you set at character creation.)) and Races

I had intended on creating a Dwarf in time for Farmers Faire, but I haven’t got around to it yet. Sorry, Dwarven players.

Items in This Set

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