Pack of the Yield – LOTRO Farmers Faire Back Cosmetic

Item Name: Pack of the Yield
Gear Slot: Back
Event/Festival: LOTRO Farmer’s Faire
Cost: 35 × Farmer’s Faire Tokens

FJ’s Description:

A Farmer’s Market would be nothing if there were no customers! But with so many delicious things on offer, how do you carry them all home? You have a Basket of Colourful Eggs in one hand, a Basket of Freshly Picked Apples in the other, so you need a Pack of the Yield on your back!

This giant, woven cone is filled with carrots, courgettes (or cucumbers, I’m not sure), a pumpkin, mushrooms and more apples. I bet you’re glad your day-job is fighting the Enemy, because you’ll need those strong shoulders and arms for the trip home!

Items in This Set

As I’m pre-loading a bunch of cosmetics before Farmer’s Faire 2021, these “related items” may or may not be added to, once I see the full range of cosmetics available.

Pack of the Yield | Surcoat of the Yield

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