Impulsive Shopper – a LOTRO Outfit from Farmer’s Faire Rewards Only

The Impulsive Shopper - LOTRO OUtfit Idea from Farmer's Faire Token Rewards OnlyThere are so many foodstuffs needed, especially as a Hobbit living in The Shire! With so many meals and snacks to cater for, market day provides a much-needed boost to a burrow’s larder. Locally-grown produce, freshly-laid eggs from the Free Chickens of Middle Earth, it can be hard not to spend all your coin on food! So comes my Impulsive Shopper outfit, put together only from Farmers Faire token rewards. This is a variant of Off to Market, but for this outfit, there are no higher-level area rewards used. Enjoy!

Impulsive Shopper, in Action (kinda)

How to Make This Outfit

As I said, all items can be acquired for tokens at the Farmer’s Faire. I have applied a dye to the Tunic, but this was personal preference and this outfit will work fine without that being done. However I applied a red dye to the hat and the shoulders, so that the red complemented the brown of the tunic. While Lamuna managed to do most of the shopping, she needed Myrlas’ help to get it all home again, so he got lumbered with carrying the apples.

  • Head: Straw Sun Hat with Ribbon, Dye: Red
  • Shoulders: Ascot Scarf, Dye: Red
  • Upper Body: Farmer’s Fancy Tunic and Trousers, Dye: Walnut Brown
  • Feet and Gloves: nothing as these are determined by the Tunic (no shoes for Hobbits, no gloves for everyone)
  • Back: Pack of the Yield
  • Held Items: (Lamuna) Basket of Colourful Eggs, (Myrlas) Basket of Freshly Picked Apples (Requires: 1-Handed Weapon in gear slot)

Impulsive Shopper, for the Hobbit Who Can’t Say “No”

I wanted to create something for only Farmer’s Faire Tokens, so this outfit was accessible to all players. I’ve used cosmetics from different years to create this look and there’s no reason it cannot work on male and female characters and any race too. You can’t equip your own boots as the Tunic comes with something of its own, just as a heads up.

Have fun and see you soon for more LOTRO Outfit ideas!

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