Hunter of Shadows – LOTRO Hobbit Outfit Idea

Hunter of Shadows - LOTRO Hobbit Hunter OutfitTo defeat the darkness, sometimes you have to become the darkness. Not in character of course – definitely not for a Hobbit! But as the Shire Folk are known for being able to move silently on their feet, sometimes stealth is required. Myrlas is no burglar, but that doesn’t mean he cannot snipe a foe from the shadows, or down an unsuspecting Goblin with a dagger. So here’s Hunter of Shadows, an almost entirely black LOTRO Hobbit outfit – enjoy!

This Hunter Hobbit Outfit in Action

As this was a dark outfit designed for stealth, I took shots at night time here. But you can find the individual outfit components below in a much lighter setting.

Bow of the Wildermore Huntsman in Action

The bow featured in this Hobbit’s outfit is the Bow of Wildermore. There are some really amazing effects LOTRO have built into the Hunter animations. Because Hunter combat is so quick, it’s easy to miss them! I chose this bow for its ornate design, but it is also a bit chunkier for a solid grip.

Not Just a Ranged Class

Even a Hunter cannot run from every foe. Sometimes you need to grab your sword, axe or dagger. Daggers have the handy bonus of having an auto-attack chance buff. I purposefully chose rough-looking daggers for this LOTRO outfit to fit the Hunter of Shadows theme. And again here, LOTRO pull out some fab effects.

Hunter of Shadows: How to Make this Outfit

If you want to replicate the colours in this cosmetic appearance, then you’ll need 4 × Black Dyes.

Outfit Components Screenshots

TL;DR – A Dark Hobbit Outfit for Stalking Foes

Although I often use dark colours, creating one with the purposeful idea of being stealthy was a lot of fun! So don your Zorro-like mask and go stalk those foes – and ensure you shoot first!

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