How to Rename Pets in LOTRO
Steps for each Pet type!

How to Rename Pets in LOTRO | Change Cosmetic Companion Names

In your searches here and in World Chat I sometimes see this question: How do I rename pets? This is because your cute ball of fur or feathers comes with a default name. Cosmetics Pets in LOTRO are many and varied. As you can acquire them as early as Level 5 from the Bingo Boffin Storyline and from various LOTRO Festivals and Events (among other places), I thought I’d give you a “how to rename pets” quick guide. The answer depends on what you mean by “pet”.

Cosmetic Pets

Cosmetic pets are those that anyone of any class can have accompany them. They follow you around, making cute movements and making sure you don’t feel lonely. If this is the kind of pet you mean then enter this command in chat:

/cpet rename NewPetName

Make sure there are no spaces or weird characters and that the name is generally acceptable. After all, other players can see your pet’s name! If you get an error message, then try another name.

Unlike other types of pet/companion, you cannot select/click a cosmetic pet. This is why you have to use a chat command.

This cosmetic pet's name is GhostNot so cute and fluffy, I grant you.

Cosmetic Companions

Cosmetic companions are only applicable to Lore-Masters. Instead of your usual combat companion, you can opt for a smaller critter. This might be because you’ll be indoors, or the Haunted Burrow, or you’re crafting, for example. You don’t need to have your huge side-kick around the whole time, not even your Raven.

The difference between a purely cosmetic pet and all the other types of pet/companion is that these are selectable.

What Non-Combat Pets Are There?

Per the Wiki, the animals available are: Hare, Sparrow, Turtle, Dog, Cat, Fox, Frog, Snake, Squirrel.

How to Rename Pets that are Cosmetic Companions

Instead of using a chat command, simply:

  1. Select your cosmetic companion.
  2. Right-click on their name (they don’t have a portrait as they’re non-combat).
  3. Select “rename” and enter the new name in the box provided.
Rename Cosmetic Companions / Non-Combat Pets with a right-click.
Rename Cosmetic Companions / Non-Combat Pets with a right-click.

Chat Command

You can rename a non-cosmetic pet using a chat command if you prefer:

/pet rename NewPetName

Combat Companions

Depending on your fantasy background when you first come to LOTRO, you may call your fighting Bear, Sabre-Cat or Eagle a “pet”. If it’s this kind you mean, then the instructions are almost the same as for cosmetic companions.

The only difference is that Combat Pets have a character portrait.
Right click your Lore-Master Pet's portrait to give it a new name.

From the Fellowship List

With your combat pet out, you can right click the “portrait” in the fellowship pane to also change their name:
You can rename pets from the Fellowship List

People are Pets Too!

I find it quite funny that certain other sidekicks are also called “pets”. This applies to:

  • Captain Heralds and Archers
  • Skirmish Soldiers
Rename your Skirmish Soldier by right-clicking the portrait too.
The same process applies to Skirmish Soldiers.

They are your “pets”, poor things!

New WIP Project: Pets Library

I have started a new Festival and Event Pets Library now. So feel free have a look and decide what your next one is going to be!

TL;DR Personalise Your Critter and Rename Your Pets

So there you go, how you rename pets depends on the type they are. But both are quick and easy. LOTRO is the only one of the MMOs I’ve played that lets you rename cosmetic-only pets. So make your critters your own and have fun in Middle-Earth!

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