Hobbit Gone Fishing – LOTRO Outfit

Hobbit Gone Fishing - LOTRO Cosmetic Outfit IdeaEveryone needs a break from playing the hero, right? Facing evil, misguided servants and wild beasts leaves a Hobbit in need of a trip home to regroup. So Myrlas, sporting my first Hobbit outfit, decided that nothing could be better than a trip to Bywater and to go fishing. As always in LOTRO, don’t just focus on quest, gearing and levelling. Take time to Stop and Stare – oh and catch fish. After all, fishing is one of the only ways a Hobbit can spend an afternoon snoozing in the sun and still get dinner!

Fishing Outfit Screenshots

This Hobbit outfit is one of my plainer ones, but I think it suits the ‘dressed-down’ feeling.

Fishing in LOTRO is a good way to relax, unwind and forget about the troubles of life for a bit. That applies as much to out-of-game as in it!

Putting this Hobbit Outfit Together

For this cosmetic outfit, I am not using any gloves. In fact Myrlas rarely wears gloves, except maybe in colder weather! And naturally, there’s no need to wear shoes in the Shire either.

Every item here is undyed, except for the Trousers, which are dyed black.

Have Fun Fishing!

Myrlas catching Fish Ready for Dinner!

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