Elven-lands Sojourner – LOTRO Outfit Idea

Elven-lands Sojourner - LOTRO Outfit Idea for a Female CharacterEver felt that kindred spirit with a people group you weren’t born into? That’s what happened to my Dùnedan woman, Glinmaethor from the moment she first met the Elves. She learned as much as possible about their language, their culture and the aspects of their lives that were of importance to them. Ultimately, she felt more at home in Imladris and Lothlòrien than when she returned to her homeland of Rohan. So, in this addition to my LOTRO Outfits, Elven-lands Sojourner is one she put together during one of her visits.

Elven-lands Sojourner Screenshots

How to Make this LOTRO Outfit

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