The Armoured Hobbit Warden
Heavy Armour Cosmetic Outfit

Wardens in LOTRO are a medium-armour class, balancing defences with maneoverability. However when you’re role-playing, sometimes you just want to feel a bit more protected from your foes! And, although I don’t know how it fares in group content, Wardens have a tanking trait line – and is the line that I play. So here is a Hobbit Warden outfit with a heavy armour look. This one is made up of a pieces from various locations and sources and is roughly a black-and-green look too. Although it’s Lamuna here doing the shots, I have given a note below about boots if you want to make this for a Dwarf or one of the Big Folk.

Indecision Reigns

So, below you’ll see I’ve actually given a few options. This is simply due to the fact that I include items that I already have in stock, regardless of where I acquired them. To make it feasible for as many players as possible, I’ve tried to provide alternatives for either higher-level content or where I have used LOTRO Points/Mithril Coins to acquire items.

The Armoured Hobbit Warden In Action

Hobbit Warden - Impressive Flourish Gambit
Impressive Flourish
Hobbit Warden in Combat - Shield Mastery Gambit
Shield Mastery
When in doubt scream and shout.
When in doubt scream and shout.
Hold that Javelin up High
Hold that Javelin up High
Impressive Flourish Gambit makes the Hobbit Warden look like a Lore-Master!
It’s not a staff, and she’s not a Lore-Master.
Armoured Hobbit Warden hunts in the tall Grass.
Hunting in the tall grass.
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How to Make This Hobbit Warden Outfit

I have actually made two variants of this outfit. This is because some items have come from Rohan or thereafter and I wanted to provide options for lower-level folk.

Colour Scheme

I have simply used a combination of black and then two colours found in the original armourpieces: a dark green (actually dark, unlike the “dark green” dye) and a muted brown.

Original Version


Hyrde-axle From: Quest: Book 4, Chapter 10, Herdsmen of the Starkmoor


Cloak of the Citadel Guard From: LOTRO Store (Black), Quest: Book 4, Chapter 13 Time Yet Remains (White, Not Dyable)

Upper Body

Jacket of the Hytbold Blade This style of breastplate is found throughout Rohan, either as quest rewards, or bartering. Different regions of Rohan have their own emblems, so you can find one to suit your design.


Isteron’s Steel Gloves of the First Age From: Quest: Leaders from Moria Dye: None Note: If memory serves, there are a good number of similar-looking skins for this throughout Rohan and into Gondor.


None, as I prefer my Hobbits to have bare feet, except in freezing cold locations. I know lore-wise they would still have bare feet even then, but my characters usually buck social expectations!


Ornate Black Ash Spear of Combat , Master Woodworker Crafting Recipe
(Exquisite) Black Ash Javelin, Master Woodworker Crafting Recipe
  • (Optional) Aura: Weapon Aura of Orc’s Bane


Potent Dunlending Campaign Shield Westfold Armourer Crafting Recipe
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Lower-Level Variations

There is only one item that is with Mithril Coins here, but that’s because I found it works with this outfit. I’ve only listed items here that differ to the main version above.
Traveller’s Hood From: Skirmish Camp and LOTRO Store (295LP) Dye: Black


Coming Soon…

Feet (Non-Hobbits?)

Ceremonial Boots of the Gloom-Bane From: Skirmish Camp (162 Marks, 12 Medallions), LOTRO Store (295LP) Dye: None


Upper Body

Ceremonial Armour of Remembrance or
Engraved Ceremonial Breastplate LOTRO Anniversary Event
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TL;DR An Armoured Look for a Hobbit Warden!

Thanks to LOTRO’s Wardrobe feature, applying heavy-armour cosmetically is really easy. While I’ve done my best to provide some items available either from lower levels, or alternative places (such as the Skirmish Camp), it’s not always possible. But maybe this Hobbit Warden outfit can be a springboard for your own unique creation! Do tag me into any social media posts if you do!
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