Bingo Boffin Parties It Up In Bree-land: The Ballad Continues

The Ballad of Bingo Boffin in Bree-Land - LOTROThe Ballad of Bingo Boffin continues in Buckland, our adventuring little Hobbit has finally strayed out of the Shire into Bree-land. Against all Hobbit traditions, he has finally left the Shire – despite a petition trying to force him to stay. Let’s see how he fares!

Where is Bert Bartleby?

Bert has now moved from his stop at Michel Delving and can now be found at the West Gate of Bree. To see the pets, cosmetics and decoration available at this stage in the Ballad, click here.

Marigold – the Missing Boffin

You are missing one of the Boffin Hobbits, called Marigold. Bingo’s so clumsy he’s mislaid a relative! Marigold decided to make herself a sword and head into the Old Forest. Time to play the Hero and fight your way into the Old Forest to find her!

Turns out Marigold could fend for herself but did come across a “strange creature”. Poor Tom Bombadil, being called that!

Who Is Tom Bombadil?

Bingo wants to find out more about Tom Bombadil and his wife Goldberry, but doesn’t get any answers to his questions. He hopes you’ll have more success! Tom Bombadil doesn’t really like to be questioned, so in order to understand who Tom is, he sends you on very Tom-like tasks!

  • Stand under the nearby waterfall until drenched!
  • Go dance before Old Man Willow so you understand why he gets along with creatures of nature good and bad.

You don’t get any straight answers, which a poor Hobbit cannot understand. Maybe if Bingo shared his life with Tom, he thinks, he might share in return? Of course nothing’s that simple, so Tom takes the manuscript and sends you to speak to his wife, Goldberry!

Goldberry has a great quote about who Tom Bombadil is:

“Who is Tom Bombadil? He is, and no one else. He is a mischievous sort, and loves to laugh. He will ask you to stand beneath a waterfall only to epxerience the feel of the water, and the joy of dripping on the carpet. He is the Master of water, wood and hill, and cares for all who inhabit those places, even if their hearts are rotten and mean. He seeks to lighten their moods, and easy their pains.”

Into the Barrow Downs

Bingo isn’t the only clumsy creature around – Tom Bombadil lost the pages of Bingo’s Journal! He just doesn’t understand why someone would write so much!

“If you spend all day writing there is a day you have missed”

Thankfully the wind has just swept them up the path, so you have to go and retrieve them!

Marigold decides that being a hero means going places that are scary. The path Bingo’s notes were on leads to the Barrow Downs, so she will join you! There are still two missing pages so you need to fend of Barghests and Crawlers, and find the missing manuscript so that Bingo Boffin’s diary is not lost.

Once you have retrieved it, you return to Prisca to make sure Marigold is returned safely to her family!

Bingo: do not let folk read my book until it is quite finished!

Prisca can’t decide if Bingo’s been a bad influence on the adventuring Marigold or whether she’s been a bad influence on him! Leaving her safely with the other Boffins, Bingo suggest you meet him in Bree!

The Two Taverns

With a nod to the “Two Towers”, Bingo’s first Hobbit friend from Bree – Milo Goodbody – determines Bingo should enjoy some of the local revelry, starting with the famous Prancing Pony Inn!

Of course he won’t be providing the entertainment, that falls to you! So stock up on Ale and Food and get Singing!

After probably a few too many ales Bing feels “poorly” and decides he needs some air! I’m sure he does…

You find the poor “Under-the-weather Hobbit” (his current ‘title’ if you click him!) at the stables outside the Prancing Pony! He decides that his partying may have been more damaging to his journey than the trip to the Barrow Downs. On that score he says to meet him at the Forsaken Inn on the edge of the Lone Lands – which concludes his adventures in Bree-land!

When you complete The Two Taverns Bert Bartleby moves to Ost Guruth in the Lone Lands.

Ballad of Bingo Boffin: Bree-land Rewards


  • Conqueror of Writer’s Block
  • Page-Hunter
  • Tavern-Goer

Bill Bartleby Barter Rewards
Bert Bartleby Bree-land Barter Rewards for Bingo Boffin

TL;DR Bingo Boffin in Bree-land: A Round-Up

The Ballad of Bingo Boffin continues with Bingo finally experiencing life outside the Shire. It’s not all fun and games – the creepiness of the Old Forest and the terrifying trip into the Barrow-Downs. But along the way he meets Tom Bombadil and Goldberry and manages to make a few friends in Bree. What will the Lone Lands hold for our adventuring Hobbit?

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