LOTRO and SWTOR Twitch LiveStreams for 2019

SWTOR and LOTRO Live Twitch Streaming for 2019Hi friends and visitors! Having reworked this page once, I find I, once again, need to re-write it. Life can be like that sometimes. I do a lot of different things under the FJ banner: gaming blogs and guides, writing Fan-Fiction, trying to add to my YouTube channel and keeping up appearances on Twitter and periodically on my Facebook page too. In that mix comes my SWTOR and LOTRO Twitch streams. But, being a gamer/blogger/streamer with Fibromyalgia has become an increasing challenge – especially since 2019 kicked in. (see: Fibromyalgia and Streaming). So here’s the thing.

Sudden, but Sustained Higher Pain

Since Christmas 2018 and into 2019 I have had a substantial increase in the level of Fibromyalgia pain I’m experiencing. I am not inactive at my desk/computer all day; I deal with our family’s laundry and housework. And I fight pain. But the pain leads to ‘pain voice’, increased “Fibro Fog” and it can make socialising, even in a stream much harder work.

False Guilt of Cancellation

So a couple of friends suggested that, instead of feeling guilty for cancelling, that I not have set days and times. Having a day I “should” be streaming just makes me feel bad if I can’t. Not setting those things in stone:

  • frees me from the false guilt of cancelling
  • means I can focus on other things that don’t require as much emotional energy
  • should result in better streams for me as I’ll only stream if I feel up to it.

Stream Changes for 2019

Currently, effectively, I’m on a streaming “hiatus”, forced upon me by my physical and mental health. I’m still currently part of the Official LOTROstream. I will remain a part as long as they will have me. So when I can my Thursday Midweek Meanderings will happen.

LOTROstream – Midweek Meanderings

My show on the official LOTROstream channel, which is usually a random choice of character, will still have a set day/time.

  • Day & Time: Thursdays, 2pm UK Time (9am /servertime)

FJ’s LOTRO and SWTOR Streams

As and when I feel up to it I will still stream LOTRO and SWTOR. But Fibromyalgia is unpredictable and therefore now so does my stream schedule. It’s a kind of #SorryNotSorry moment, I guess.

What Will Be Happening?

If I want to be able to, ultimately, contribute to my family’s finances I will still be:

  • Growing my Blog: I need to double website traffic to earn more than $3-$5 a month from my blog.
  • Writing more Fiction: Both LOTRO/SWTOR fiction and I’ve also started my own thing now.
  • Occasionally adding to YouTube channel

Thank You to my Twitch Followers and Supporters

Streaming has been a nerve-wracking but hugely positive thing. In theory, I would like to stream more, but running a blog and being the person in our family that does the housework and laundry, I have to not overburden myself. That could make my pain worse.

So the best thing for now is for me to not stream and to only do it when I feel up to it. In theory, Summer and warmer weather should make things better so stay tuned. And please continue to support my blog and fiction, I really do appreciate it.

Take care.
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