LOTRO and SWTOR Twitch LiveStreams for 2019

My SWTOR and LOTRO Live Streaming Days and Times for 2019Hi friends and followers! I’ve been meaning for absolutely ages to create a landing page about my LOTRO and SWTOR Twitxh streams. So I finally got there. I’ve been streaming on and off for about a year (at the time of writing this page). I am also really trying now to ensure I fulfil my three streams a week and am mostly succeeding in that too! So, quite simply I want to explain my intentions for streaming in 2019, what my “plan” is and to announce some changes in my stream schedule. So let’s get too it shall we?

Life Changes Mean Streaming Changes

Life was chaotic in 2018! My in-laws, who provide childcare for NJ so my wife can work, have had their work days changed. Mulitple times. My wife, herself, also applied for and succeeded in securing a new job for 2019. Up until this point my live streams have been mostly scheduled for time when either my family were out the house, or were otherwise engaged. On top of all that, my Fibromyalgia has been much worse since winter hit. (If you want to know more about streaming with Fibromyalgia click/tap here).

Thankfully, with my wife’s new job in 2019, her work patterns will be more regular. As it will be a Monday-Friday job I’ve decided to ensure my streams are also Monday-Friday.

Stream Changes for 2019

Out Goes Saturday but an Evening LOTRO Stream Remains!

Having discussed my 2019 Stream Schedule, my wife didn’t want me to lose two possible audiences if it was avoidable. However, I want to take the weekend at the weekend for the first time, pretty much ever!

SWTOR/Smuggler Stream Moves to Monday

Sadly this means my SWTOR Smuggler Stream will no longer be on Saturdays. I know that this will negatively impact people who don’t work on Saturdays and therefore could come to these. But my family needs to come first.

  • Day & Time: Mondays, 2:30pm UK Time (9:30am /servertime)

Friday Evening LOTRO Streams Remain

Yep! Currently I’m streaming Beorning, but of course that could change as I tend to play what I feel like. But I will be retaining an evening stream, which I know suits some viewers.

  • Day & Time: Fridays, 7pm UK Time (2pm /servertime)

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Change to Official LOTROstream – Midweek Meanderings

My show on the official LOTROstream channel, which is usually a random choice of character, has now moved:

  • Day & Time: Thursdays, 2pm UK Time (9am /servertime)

FJ’s 2019 SWTOR and LOTRO Stream Schedule!

Here it is in all its glory:

Thank You to my Twitch Followers and Supporters

Streaming has been a nerve-wracking but hugely positive thing. I hope to continue to consistently hit my three streams a week in 2019 too. In theory, I would like to stream more, but running a blog and being the person in our family that does the housework and laundry, I have to not overburden myself. That could make my pain worse.

An option might be to try to extend my current FJ slots by a little, which would be easier than attempting to stream 4 times in a week. But I’m not rushing on that decision. If you follow my LOTRO or SWTOR Streams, I’m massively grateful to you. Whether you chat or lurk, thank you for coming along! Hopefully I can continue to grow my audience in 2019 and improve what I do at the same time. Thank you!
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