Tome of the Grim

Grim Pet Description

I had to take a look at the Wiki's page on Grims, because two other such pets exist at Yule Festival. Those ones qualify what kind they are, whereas this one doesn't.

By process of elimination, this one should be a Frost Grim. So yes, it may be a spirit or an Ancient Evil, but it just loves being in its "element" and that means Winter, huzzah!

Who knew that you could buy your very own mini-evil with Yule Festival Token tokens? Have fun with that!

Other Grims at Yule

Play "LOTRO Grim Go" and Catch 'em All!

Keeper of Grim Company Deed

Collect the Grim, Shadow and Fire Grims. Call them all to your side and you'll complete the Keeper of Grim Company deed.

You'll get the Title title by the same name.

Extra Details

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