Sleeveless Elven Tunic (Farmers Faire)
LOTRO Full Set Cosmetic

The Sleeveless Elven Tunic is actually a full set that includes a tunic, trousers and shoes. The material is a pale beige/off-white with swirly teal/turquoise patterns down the sides. A pale purple material is used as the "shirt" under the tunic and lastly, a thin leather belt goes around your waist. As to whether you would ever see an Elf dressed in one of these - let's say, it's debatable! I quite like this set, though. But I've never put an Elf in it!

This upper body cosmetic can be obtained from both the Farmers Faire and the Anniversary Events.

Additional Info

Trousers Included: Yes

Footwear Included: Yes

Hides Hand Slot: Yes

Dyed Black

For a real blast from the past, here's my main character (aka N'wyn Glinmaethor) back when she started the Lone-lands and waaay before the avatar update - the time stamp on my original screenshot is 1st May 2017! But it does show you how well the Sleeveless Elven Tunic dyes:

Sleeveless Elven Tunic (Farmers Faire) Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 20 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Gear Slot: Upper-body
  • Category: Full Set

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