Sheep Mask
LOTRO Farmers Faire Cosmetic

Beware if you have wild hair, because if you wear the Sheep Mask an overzealous farmer might come and shear you! Well, maybe not. I'm fairly sure this mask doubles-up as a goat mask too. Get your bleating on and run around on all fours and flick your imaginary tail during the Farmers Faire. You just have to learn to ignore the concerned and annoyed looks from the Hobbits.

Or so a "friend" told me. *whistle*

Sheep Mask Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 35 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Set Name: Faire Masks
  • Gear Slot: Head
  • Category: Mask

Items in this Set

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Sheep Mask

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