Circlet of Men
A LOTRO Anniversary Event Cosmetic

The Circlet of Men is a heavy gold headband set with blue gems. If your character has thick and/or long hair, some of the circlet will go under and over different pieces of hair.

How to Obtain the Circlet of Men

When I first added the Circlet of Men to my Anniversary Cosmetics Galleries I thought: "I'm fairly sure you get this from a gift box somewhere."

And you do! When you first create a character in LOTRO and get them through the intro you get a gift box. As you level (to about L50) you receive more freebies. The Gift for an Adeptexlink unlocks at Level 20 and contains this head cosmetic.

You can also obtain this from a Platinum Gift Box Platinum Gift Boxexlink.

Why I love Circlets

It's probably LOTRO's "fault" that I developed a love for circlets. They add some decoration to your character's head but without spoiling the hairstyle or obstructing their face.

I am No Man!

Remember "Men" refers to Tolkien's "Race of Man" and is not a description about the gender of the wearer.

Circlet of Men Information

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