March 2020 – Jedi’s Journal Edition 8

March 2020 FibroJedi Newsletter - Jedi's Journal

Well, being perfectly honest, I don’t think this year could have started any worse for FJ and our extended families. Aside from usually horrific pain and a huge downturn in my depression symptoms, a bunch of other stuff happened too. There are a couple of new content pieces in this month’s Jedi’s Journal. But let’s start with the priority: my family.

Inline Tweet Fix

My website decided randomly to stop displaying tweets in posts, leaving a bunch of random tweet URLs in the text instead. I’m slowly working my way through past posts to fix this. But if you spot one missing, please let me know. Thanks!

Family and Health Update

Family News

So what went on with our extended families?

  • My Father-in-law collapsed (he’s fine now by the way) but no one knows why
  • He was banned from driving for six months because no one knew why
  • We have had to pay more for petrol to get NJ to the grandparents on wifey’s work days
  • My Dad thought Mum’s Alzheimers had taken its final turn and she was going to pass.
  • So I had to have ten days or so away from wifey and NJ to support Dad
  • Then we had to fork out a huge amount for me to get the train back. (Thank you Patreon Supporters as, basically, you paid for that ticket).
  • I’ve been back home over a week and still haven’t recovered.

Health Update

List of my top 14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
2020 had already started badly health-wise. I’ve had a heavy cold since the start of the year and my Fibromyalgia symptoms have been screaming at me.

With the extra financial pressures and the likelihood of Mum passing, along with the separation from wifey and NJ, everything sort of went down the drain. I do give updates on Twitter but my usual state at the moment is: in high pain, struggling with cold symptoms and feeling bogged down with depression. There are positives from time-to-time and I try not to disregard those. But times are tough at FJ HQ these days.

The Blog Wasn’t Silent

But bits and pieces still happened on the blog, just not very much, so let’s have a look.

New Personal Post

In There Somewhere - a Dementia Poem about my Mum

In There Somewhere – Dementia Poem Thing

While I was at Dad’s I wrote a sort-of non-rhyming poem about Mum’s Alzheimer’s. I called it In There Somewhere as it focused on the person Mum was before dementia took its toll.

Read It Now


As I was down at Dad’s and/or stressed about Mum, doing normal guides etc was out of the question. However, I did manage a new FanFiction chapter. Once I got back I also did a new event guide.

Just a Girl in Hard Times - LOTRO FanFiction

Just a Girl in Hard Times

As Caethir and his small fellowship enter Bree, Dùnedan woman, Glinmaethor reaches the Ford of Bruinen. While lost in her own thoughts and doubts, Caethir’s brother finds her. Ayrthir brings encouragement but also a warning.
Read It Now See All Episodes

LOTRO Ill Omens Skirmish Event Guide

Ill Omens Skirmish Event Guide

Once I realised that Ill Omens was not just a Level 120+ event, I took a look myself. This LOTRO Skirmish event is one I have not covered before here on FJ HQ. So, after running it a few times I finally put my Ill Omens Guide together. Thank you to other LOTRO community folks who have contributed insights and screenshots to this one.

Read It Now

What about SWTOR?

My posts recently have been driven simply by what I felt I had capacity for. Instead of attempting to blog about SWTOR, I have been playing more of it. I’ve mostly focussed on SWTOR’s Onslaught Expansion, either doing actual story or enjoying the dailies on Onderon.

New SWTOR Content is Coming

In March 2020, assuming I don’t get called South again, there is more SWTOR content planned. I have a fairly simple one to start with, then will try to get back to guides as my capacity increases. I only hope it does.

I am part of the SWTOR Content Creators Programmer (aka Influencers) so I will be doing my best to return to creating content.

TL;DR – A Weird Month, but Thank You

The last month has been very strange with all the family things kicking off. Thank you for bearing with me, encouraging me and supporting me as you do. I’m especially blessed by those who have helped my family via Patreon and Ko-Fi. I hope March will be a “normal” month, but that is completely dependent on what happens with Mum. I’m still alive, albeit only just some days. Thanks for being there for me.
Talitha waves from Onderon in SWTOR

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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