Jedi’s Journal Edition 7 – February 2020

Jedi's Journal - Edition 7, February 2020 - FibroJedi's News

Well, as my wife said recently, we couldn’t have had a tougher start to 2020 really. Between my health, my mother almost critically ill and her Dad randomly blacking out we’ve had nearly everything against us. If you’ve been part of the amazingly supportive crowd, you’ve helped us get through, so thank you. Despite this I have managed to publish some new content, albeit less than I would have liked. So let’s have a look at Jedi’s Journal for February 2020.

Fibromyalgia & Life Update

Well, I sort of gave a hint or two about life in the intro. But on top of that, I’ve lost over a week of productivity to a really difficult bug. It’s been making me ridiculously tired in the afternoon yet I’m wide awake at 1am. To anyone not familiar with my Fibromyalgia symptoms, any time I get another illness, it makes my base pain level worse. I think this was a reaction to the stress of nearly losing my Mum. I’m still not over this bug either, so I may only do a bit of blogging this week.

What I’ve Done While Being Ill

For the most part I’ve been playing LOTRO and FFXIV, with a little SWTOR. But I’ve been able to start two new drawing projects. If you’re interested, you can see WIP pieces on my Ko-Fi page.

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LOTRO Content

As I intended, I started to refocus on my LOTRO Beginners Guides.

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SWTOR Content

  • NEW Post: SWTOR Onslaught Review: Having done Onslaught a few ways, I finally have my review for that expac! I was lyrical about the new worlds and ponder the possible future plot consequences. Take a Look →
  • NEW Post: SWTOR Gathering Guide (Guest Post by CelynTheRaven): Thank you Celyn for this awesome guide to Gathering crafting materials in SWTOR. Find out how to get trained, use Crew Skills and the various ways you can obtain the components you need to upgrade your gear! Check it Out →
  • New Feature: SWTOR Beginners Guides landing page: If you’re new to SWTOR, or are returning after an extended break, this is for you! I’ve collected together all past posts that should help newer players. You can now find them all in one landing page and from the main menu. Browse Guides →

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What’s Coming in February?

Well, health-permitting anyway. I’m still fighting this fatigue bug thingy. But the intention is to make headway on two new beginners guides for both LOTRO and SWTOR. Due to life being so challenging in January I didn’t manage anything on my #FJFantasyBook project. So I really want to progress that too.
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Support Me

Simply by reading my content, you are supporting me! But there are other ways you can encourage me too – and yes, there are some non-money ways in here.
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TL;DR – More Done Than I Realised

I thought this was going to be a couple of entries and then end. But it looks like, despite my ‘sick week’, and with the help of Celyn, the blog has been busy. If you’ve read or shared any of my posts this month, I appreciate it very much. Look after yourselves.

May the Spoons Be With You.

– FJ

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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A 30-something Shadow Jedi, married and have a small daughter. By that I mean "young", not just "short". I have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia andI play LOTRO, SWTOR and FFXIV and blog about two of them. Social Media has connected me with so many people and some of those have become amazing friends too! As a hobby I am relearning drawing, which you can see on my DeviantArt profile.

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