Happy New Year!
Jedi’s Journal Edition 6 – January 2020

Happy New Year! Jedi's Journal - Edition 6 - January 2020Happy New Year to one and all! And welcome to Edition 6 of Jedi’s Journal. The sharp-eyed among you will notice that I didn’t do one for December and that’s because I’ve decided to date them the current month from now on. This saves writing a newsletter one month and reap confusion by dating it the prior month! December was a crazy-busy month, as you’ll soon see. So I’ll cover what went on and also give you a small amount of info on what to expect from the blog in the coming weeks.

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  1. Health Update
  2. LOTRO
  3. SWTOR
  4. My 2020 Plan

Fibromyalgia and Health Update

Now I’ve been on the medication I asked for I’m more in control of my pain levels. I still really, really hurt though. Some of that will be due to the cold weather but a lot right now will be because the Christmas/New Year “break” wasn’t at all relaxing for me due to travel and family commitments. Hopefully by the end of January I can find something akin to balance.

I am, however, struggling with fatigue and depression more again. That comes in phases fairly regularly, even though I’m on anti-depressants. Just a heads-up.

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LOTRO Content

  • New: Dualboxing LOTRO: A term I prefer is “duo questing” rather than “dualboxing”. I use it to allow friends and life-partners to adventure together in The Lord of the Rings Online! In this post I explain how to set up Dualboxing, but also tips on class/combinations and how to work around some niggles. Read Now →
  • New: How to Make Mara Sandydowns’ Outfit in LOTRO: The Winter-home Questgiver, Mara Sandydowns has a fab, festive outfit. Here’s how I put my version of it together! Read Now →
  • Updated: LOTRO Yule Festival Guide: Yule Festival returned to Frostbluff and Winter-home as per tradition! And, as always, I updated the latest mount and cosmetics available. This year I also added most of the cosmetics you could only get by running the Seasonal Instance Battle at Frostbluff. Read Now →

Also a huge thank you to those who supported my Yule Fest Guides this year!

  • Core Yule Fest Guide: 6,600 Visits
  • A Final Act: 140 Visits
  • Mara Sandydowns’ Outfit: 320 Visits

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SWTOR Content

December was a bit crazy, looking back! I began the job of updating old guides where the huge UI improvements made with Onslaught had improved things. I still have more to do on this one. Here’s the new and updated SWTOR posts of the month:

As I did with LOTRO, I want to thank the SWTOR community for an amazing “turnout” for my Life Day Guide, which exceeded 10,000 Visitors by the time it finished! Bowled over, humbled and very grateful!

My 2020 “Plan”

I always feel plans should come with a health warning, small print and “subject to change” or “may be cancelled without warning”! I’m not going to list my upcoming topics here (though Patreon Crew do have it). So here’s the “plan”

However, roughly speaking I still have an approximate 50/50 split between LOTRO Posts and SWTOR Posts. In both I’ll be combining beginners guides with those of different style – deeds/achievements, techy/stat-based investigative pieces along with pursuing FanFiction from both lore bases. Plenty to do, but I don’t have set dates for posts – it depends on my health. But, no doubt, there’s lots of new content coming from FJ HQ in the coming months.

TL;DR – A New Year, the same FJ

I’m somewhat more in control of my pain, but I still feel pretty fragile. A New Year doesn’t bring new treatment, or hope for me. Life is crazy and good things do punctuate the challenges. I will do my best to balance being real against still highlighting the positives. And I will absolutely try my hardest to continue my mission of being a “positive influence” in my gaming communities. I hope 2020 treats you all well – and that Australia can finally pull through their immense difficulties and begin to heal.

Wherever you are in the world, May the Spoons Be With You.

– FJ

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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