Jedi’s Journal – Edition 5 – November 2019

Jedi's Journal Edition 5 - November 2019Welcome to Edition 5 of Jedi’s Journal. November 2019 was mostly about trying to rest and recover following some months of tear-inducing pain and allowing my body to get used to my new meds. So in this edition, I’ll give a quick status update on my health as well as covering new and updated content, which I did actually manage this month!

I also let you know what my LOTRO and SWTOR content plans for December are. Enjoy!

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  3. SWTOR
  4. Fibromyalgia & Health

Fibromyalgia and Health Update

Through November I have been doing a lot of drawing as my ability to game and blog had crashed. My body has adjusted to new meds now, which means overall my pain levels have improved. I think my morning and night time doses need to be stronger, but I’m not crying most days any more.

However, as so often happens, when pain is lower my fatigue gets worse. So, while I’m overall better than I have been, I haven’t had the energy to concentrate on blogging or even gaming much. I’m slowly easing back into both, but I am still needing to prioritise resting.

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LOTRO Content

Faeladar questions the guard outside Bree

  • New: Bree Worryingly Subdued: After surviving the Barrow-Downs, the company must make their way to Bree. Faeladar’s leg was still causing severe discomfort so they hoped the town would provide medical supplies and rest. But the welcome they received was cold. What had happened before they arrived? Read Now
  • New: LOTRO Dualboxing and Duoquesting: Dualboxing LOTRO can be a great way to enrich your experience of Middle-Earth. But what is it, how do you set it up and how do you make sure you do so within LOTRO’s rules? Plus, why do I prefer the term ‘duoquesting’? Read Now

December LOTRO Plans

I plan to add more Bree-land Deed Guides this month, but if I can’t control my pain or other Fibromyalgia symptoms I will write more FanFiction. And, of course, LOTRO Yule Festival will be the highlight, both from a blog perspective and in-game too!

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SWTOR Content

Khalida uses Force Lift in a Consular cutscene on Taris
My main focus in November and December will be bringing up-to-date some of my older guides. This is because 6.0 brought in various interface updates and a few functional changes/upgrades. Please bear with me as I work to achieve this.

  • New: Sage in the Dark Outfit: This was my first blog post when I tried returning to it! My Dark Side Sage, who is also a Chiss, needed a darker outfit. But doing so while not clashing with blue skin and red eyes was a challenge. Here’s what I put together: Read Now
  • Updated: Force Alignment in SWTOR: With a redesign of the Character Panel (this guide will be updated this week), my Force Alignment post needed updating. I’ve added in new screenshots and double-checked the text. If anything is inaccurate or incomplete, please tell me! Read Now
  • Updated: Beginners Guide to Gearing in SWTOR: again, this was mostly updating screenshots and the content to make it as accurate as possible. Please do suggest changes. Read Now

December SWTOR Plans

December will be mostly bringing older guides up to date. I hope to start a new guide, but whether I will be able to complete it depends on my health. I am also visiting my Dad for Christmas as my Mum’s in a nursing home, so for the last 10 days or so of December I am not planning on making new content.

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Fibromyalgia Content

There was no new Fibro-related blog post this month. However, I have recorded a vlog called There Are No Spoons. Here I discuss Spoon Theory and how this impacts what I do.

For more information on Spoon Theory, please see

Visit my YouTube Channel

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TL;DR Progress Made but Still Recovering

The fact I have managed two new posts and updated a couple of others means I am moving forwards. But I’m still not back to my ‘normal’ pain and energy levels, so I still need to prioritise resting.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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